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+192, 91,326, and I think that's a draft.

I'll give it another read-through tomorrow, to make sure it's sensical, but I think it's done! If you volunteered to beta, look for the file in your email soon. Hopefully your email host won't balk at a large file.
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+809, 91,134.

I had an idea for how to make the scene I wasn't sure about including more interesting, so I went with that, then I got about 3/4 of the way through the following scene, which leaves me with just over one scene to edit. I'll probably end up expanding on the second scene I worked on today, because it isn't really finished. It just sort of stops.

After I get through the edits, I'm going to read it to make sure it's all there, then figure out how the compile function works in the new version of Scrivener and send it out to the kind people who've volunteered to be betas. (And while it's out, I guess I can work on the dreaded synopsis...)

But for the moment, my wrist hurts a little, so I'm going to stop typing. I think I need to adjust my desk some.
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+251, 90,323, 2-3 scenes left.

I need to decide if I'm going to expand that one scene or just refer to it. I suppose I can work it in as a reference and see what my betas think. The next scene, then needs to have a good reworking in it, or a lot of expansion. We'll see.
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+143, 90,072. 3-4 scenes left.

Wow, I should be able to finish this next week. Woot?
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+592, 89,929, 15 days left. Seriously: http://yfrog.com/kfffep

I only did two scenes today, but that's okay. I have 4-5 left now, and I'm going to have to go back and give Atesh a brief contemplation of "oh shit, do I use formal or informal speech with my aunt and uncle who I hadn't met before today?" followed by him choosing formal and his uncle saying not to be so formal. And hope that suffices for non-German-speakers to understand the snippet from yesterday (which I amended to the effect of "her insulting use of informal language").
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FOUR scenes edited today, +534, 89,337, 16 days left. There remain 6 or 7 scenes to revise, some of which need more work than others.

No one will understand this part, though, and that could be a problem.

Blackwell’s forehead creased. “Breach of contract is serious, as I’m sure you know.” His lips curled slightly. “I’m at a disadvantage. I don’t know which company has bested mine.”

“Das weißt du doch.”

The smug smile vanished at her insult. “You’re quite right. I do know who you are, Miss Hessian Security.”

I don't want to spend exposition on du vs sie, though I've already mentioned earlier on (repeatedly) that the native language of Hikaru and co is German, and said once that their security company is the only one that uses German. Non-German-speakers, what do you think?

I suppose I could say "her insulting use of the familiar/informal? 'you'" or something to that effect. In the past, I've indicated what language people are speaking by dialogue tags (s/he said in English/German/Turkish/Farsi, yes all of those), but this ... is different, obviously, and doesn't work in English. Argh.
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+325, 88,803, 17 days and 11 scenes left. I can't find the initial word count from this draft, but I found a reference to 69,600 back in November and 72,890 in February. So I'm going to say I've added almost 20,000 words on this round of revisions. O_o

Hikaru's a little bit crazy. I love her.

I have earned at least two episodes of Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory tonight.
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+271, 88,478, 18 days left, 13 scenes left. I may decide to make one scene the narrative summary it already is, or I may expand it as I'm planning to. I don't know. We'll see how I feel when I get there.

When I hit 90k, I'll add another thousand words to my project goal to give me motivation. The little bar filling up as I revise makes me happy.
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Two scenes today. +188, 88,206, 21 days left.

Now we get into some of the more logistical bits that I hope don't bore the shit out of everybody.
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+138, 88,018, 22 days left, 14 scenes left.

There hasn't been a day yet this week (other than Monday) that I haven't had to go out for something: pilates, PT, the vet. That makes it harder for me to get started writing earlier in the day, so I haven't been getting started until 2:30 or 3. Which means I only get through one scene. Next week, except for pilates Tuesday and PT Friday, should have fewer interruptions.

Fingers crossed, anyway.
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+201, 87,880, 23 days left.

It's crazy, but I think I can do this. Next time, I'll start with an outline so I don't have as much fixing to do regarding plot and stuff. I'm sure I'll still need to add details like mad.
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+319, 87,679, 24 days left.

Hikaru's the reason I started drinking scotch. She does, and I want to have enough knowledge to talk about it if I have to. (Which I haven't yet. But it could be relevant, maybe, later.)
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+218, 87,360, 25 days left.

Nose to the grindstone. Normally this is where I see the end in sight and say, "hey, I've got time" then end up scrambling because I slacked too much. Old procrastination habits, I know you well.
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+209, 87,142, 26 days left. Hikaru has 18 scenes left. I should probably start doing 2 a day because I may have days when I don't have time to write (like Wednesday, when I have PT in the morning and tai chi in the evening).

If I add 200 words per scene, I'll add 3600 words, which will put me past 90,000 total. Sweet.
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+266, 86,933, 28 days left.

I think I'm going to take tomorrow off. I've written every day since I guess last Monday, so 12 days now? I'm making good enough progress that I can afford it, anyway.

And with that, it's time to watch some football. Germany's playing Austria in a Euro 2012 qualifying match.
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+217, 86,667, 29 days left.

After feedback at my writing group, I added even more description in one of the scenes from earlier this week then moved on to the next scene. I found some continuity issues (resulting from a change I made before starting this draft) which I'll address tomorrow. I'm only about halfway through the second scene.
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+206, 86,450, 30 days left.

I've completed Hikaru's first three scenes, and all of the first three chapters. Actually, five. Chapter 4 is back with Atesh and 5 is with Azar. Multiple POVs is fun, kids, don't try this at home.
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+220, 86,244, 31 days left. The little tool in Scrivener says I have to write 128 words a day to hit 90k by 1 July. Tomorrow it'll say 125 words/day.

I was worried when I started this scene that I'd end up with a low net word count for the day, because I found a lot of clunky descriptions and the like, but I seem to have managed.

Also, it's 96 degrees/36 Celsius outside. It'll be the same tomorrow, but at least there's a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon.
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It's Memorial Day here in the US, not that I did anything different than usual today.

+235, 86,004, 32 days left.

That +235 net reflects at least +500 gross, because I deleted a bunch of sentences and had to fix a little continuity issue.
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Saturday! I got work done! Unheard of.

+215, 85,727, 34 days left, and I've finished revising Azar's scenes.

Now I'm going to watch the UEFA Champions League final in glorious HD on my TV, because it's showing regular old FOX. I don't like either team (Manchester United vs Barcelona), so I'm just hoping for some good football.
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+216, 85,512, 35 days left.

I only have one more scene of Azar's to revise. I might be able to do it tomorrow, since Ben's off at Animazement and I'm going to be home alone and bored. May as well try to accomplish something useful, eh?
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+202, 85,296, 36 days left.

Azar has two scenes left. Since I'll be home alone this weekend, I may get around to some more work, or not. We'll see.

Time to find a place where I can try my physical therapy homework. I need a wall and a crate.
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+161, 85,094, 37 days left.

I re-revised the last scene I worked on yesterday and went through another. I'll take a second look at the second one tomorrow and move on again. I kind of like the opportunity to work on multiple scenes in a day.

I really hope Azar's scenes aren't coming across as too maudlin. I hate maudlin.
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+221, 84,933, 38 days left.

Getting close to the end of Azar's scenes. I did 2.5 today, though I'll probably go back tomorrow and edit the last two I worked on.

Seriously, next time I'm starting with an outline, rather than having my rough draft act as an outline. This is inefficient and ridiculous.
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+354, 84.712, 39 days left.

I'm on target to finish Azar's scenes by the end of May (6 more in 7 working days), which will give me June to get through Hikaru's scenes. I may find myself hustling a bit and even (gasp) working on weekends to make the deadline, but I feel like I should hit 90k fairly easily here.

I'm going to go read a bit more of Germline, the book I'm reviewing for BullSpec, so I can get Sam my review in time for the July issue. I may end up napping, because I'm still not caught up on sleep from the con (and staying up past midnight Saturday to watch bad action movies at a friend's house didn't help).

I was bitten by a short story idea, but it's only a milieu at the moment. It doesn't have a plot at all, just a character and a setting and an emotion I want to invoke. I got everything that was in my head onto paper, so we'll see what ferments out of that once I have time to focus on other things than The Novel.
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An emotionally-draining +230 today, for a total of 84.351 words with 42 days left.

Azar woke grasping at the sheets. Ayman had begged her to save him as Stevenson fired a bolt of plasma into his head, and all she could do was watch. Her heart pounded in her chest, and tears wet her pillow. Every fear she’d pushed aside since Ayman had been arrested crashed through the walls she’d built to hold them back.

Yeah, that's just the beginning of the scene. It doesn't continue quite like that; it's about Azar going to the meeting point for her guerrilla squad and coming to terms with her fear. It's kind of hard to get into that space and stay there, you know? Dredging up old nightmares and terrors and writing about them.
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Yesterday I managed to get 12 words added before deciding that my afternoon would be better spent taking a nap on the couch. I didn't get nearly enough sleep over the weekend, and I needed to catch up.

Today, I got 308 words and figured out what to do with that misplaced scene I was stuck on last week, for a total of 84128 words with 43 days left to go. Azar only has 7 scenes left, then I go back to the beginning and do Hikaru's.

Then, hopefully, I'll have my 90k+ and be able to get it to a couple betas during July, while I work on the synopsis and outlining the first book (the one about the coup). Another project for after draft completion is to get a bootable USB thing set up for my netbook, which doesn't have enough HD space to download software updates. I have a 4GB USB key, and I'm not afraid to set up Ubuntu on it (though I'm not sure exactly how it works, either. Well, that's what the internet and how-tos are for.)

And thanks to a friend's themed party, I really want some of this. It tasted like fizzy lemon with just the hint of beer. Very dangerous, because it'd be easy to drink an entire 6-pack.
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Today: +157, 83,795, 45 days left.

A snippet (and the end of a chapter):
That didn’t answer who the people who said they were judo students and teachers really were. There were other companies than the Sons of Mars, but Azar hardly knew anything about them beyond their names. The Hessians came from CEF space, she thought. Sahar had talked about them when Azar was a child, said they were the most honest mercenary company in the galaxy, but still mercenaries.

They were people whose loyalty could be bought and sold for the right price. And they were Seven’s best hope for freedom.

Doctor stuff:

Got renewals on my prescriptions for my thyroid meds, and we're trying 4x5 mg of T3 a day instead of alternating half and whole tablets. Got a prescription for physical therapy (2x/wk for 6-8 wks) for my low back and hip pain and the extreme laxity in my right ankle (I can almost touch it to the floor thanks to a nasty sprain when I was 13 without any follow-up afterwards, just "here's an ace bandage and some crutches, stay off it for a few days." We had no insurance. My doctor's eyes went a little wide when she tested it in the office.)

Since my PT copay is going to be $30, I may be dropping my Pilates class for a bit. As much as I enjoy it, $90/wk (for PT, Pilates, and tai chi) is fucking expensive for an unemployed person on her husband's income. Though there's a deal for $50 off the one-month unlimited pass (usually $150), which works out to 7 classes to be worth it, or two a week. I was thinking of getting it for June (since I'm going out of town for a week in July), but August may be better, depending on when I get into the PT clinic. I'll be calling them in the morning. Duke Sports Medicine has two locations, and I think the one NOT at Southpoint is going to be better (it's on 751 near Duke Hospital, but with actual parking).

Looks like I'm going to start being vaguely busy in the near future, yuck. That means much less faffing about on twitter and Farmville so I can get in PT, tai chi, and novel edits in the same amount of time.
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I made words happen today. I'll see how I feel about them tomorrow when I'm not half asleep and fuzz-brained.

+360, 83,628, 46 days left.

And now for a nap on the couch.
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The scene I was talking about yesterday? I ended up dropping it (for now). I couldn't figure out how to make it relevant or not repetitive. I worked a few of the details into a different scene, and the original second half of it is still floating around for later.

So I moved on to the next scene, expanded on it a little bit, and got +174 words for a total of 83.278. I actually wrote close to 350 words, because the part I cut was ~180. So, cool.

Tomorrow I'm off to Atlanta for Outlantacon/Gaylaxicon. I'll be carpooling with [livejournal.com profile] skogkatt, who's on her way from Boston and is a bit delayed thanks to construction traffic around DC. Hopefully she'll miss rush hour in Richmond.

I'm telling you, the East Coast Megalopolis is a terrible thing to drive through, and we should have good high-speed trains.

Now I need to run the vacuum quick to get up the cat litter. I already had to clean up some marking from Isis (on the floor Ben MOPPED yesterday, damned cat), and I should sweep up the spilled litter in the bathroom.


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