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Miss Snark's First Victim, a blog, runs contests every month or so where aspiring writers submit the first 250 words of their novel for a secret agent to read and decide if they like it. It's a very popular contest, so the entry procedure is a lottery. The entrants fill out a web form, and they get a code. The magic computer selects a number of them, and voila.

I entered this month, and my number came up in the lottery.

And the agent picked mine as a bronze winner, so she now has my one-page synopsis (edited with the help of someone on twitter, because I got exactly ZERO comments on it here, thank you all) and the first 25 pages of my novel.

Also, I just want to say to the beta reader who trashed my novel, The writing is solid, you have a good balance so that I feel I know the setting but am not overwhelmed by details, and the last line has a good hint of something exciting about to start. Ha, Mr. N. J.
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So, yesterday I started editing The Novel again. From the beginning. Using the notes I made from reading the first draft.

A beta reader pointed out that, despite having three main POV characters, there's only one voice. While that worked for Tolkien, it's not quite in fashion today. I really hope my writing process isn't "write in Authorial Voice, then add character's voice in revisions," because that's seriously a pain in the ass, and I'm only on the first scene still. Hopefully future projects will have learned from this one.

I've found Atesh's voice, though. He's pretty easy. Hikaru and Azar may be harder.

I have a huge chunk of scene 1 highlighted in orange, so I can go back and edit it later. It's a bit of a fight scene, and I want to get through this chapter before getting bogged down in fight choreography.

Yes, there's a fight in the first scene. It's that sort of book, though a fair amount of it is spent politicking and getting from A to B.

... I'm never gonna sell this thing, am I?

Anyway, football match in 30. Not quite enough time to get into editing mode, though Scrivener's open and waiting. This frazzing tinnitus makes it really damn hard to concentrate.
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Completely coincidentally, this post on rewriting came through my RSS feed on Monday, just as I was getting ready to tackle revisions on this damned novel thing.

So I'm working on reading it the whole way through once and making notes as I go. I'm finding an unsurprising amount of crap, and I'm going to have to completely re-do about 20 pages (so far; I'm only on page 100). I think after I go through it, I'll make an outline following what I have, and changing the parts that need changing.

I read recently a blog post (forget where) about outlining in reverse: write the first draft, then outline it. I'm not sure that'll work for me, but since I don't have an outline right now, I'll give it a shot. Try to find the structure and whatever. Maybe give the notecards function in Scrivener a try.

Maybe for the next 100k project, I'll start with an outline (10k words?) and go from there. I haven't done that before. For long projects, it may be easier than completely rewriting a ton of crap. An experiment.

I also have notes to myself to check for internal consistency (I thought Ivanov was a Lieutenant, but he's a Captain in the earlier chapters, for example), and a few things like "what if instead of $plot_point, $more_exciting_thing happens?" and a note for an idea that may turn into something later. And "this is repetition of what happened 10 pages ago" and "oh god, the infodump, it is painful."

If I'm diligent, I can have a application packet for Viable Paradise ready when applications open again in January. If I'm even more diligent, I can have the outline for the next story done by then, too, not that I need it for the application; I just need to not be a lazy bum.
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Today's word count: 1609
Total word count: 80622
Scenes edited: 3
Scenes remaining: 0

I have notes for 5 scenes I may want to include, but tomorrow I'm going to give it a readover, then bug you all for beta volunteers. I'm still at least 10000 words short, but you know what? I'm done with this draft, and I want to get started on this whole getting ready to go to Germany thing, here.

I have a list of what I'm looking for in this first-read. I'll post it tomorrow.


21 Apr 2010 04:44 pm
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Today was like molasses.

Today's word count (net): 1613
Total word count: 79013
Time spent editing: 4 hours
Scenes edited: 1.4
Scenes remaining: 2.6

Likelihood of finishing tomorrow: low
Likelihood of finishing Friday: high
Probability of this draft reaching the magic 90k: minimal
Probability my first readers will point out things I need to add: high
Probability they'll point out things I have notes on: moderate
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Today's word count (net): 1199
Total word count: 77400
Scenes edited: 3
Time spent editing: 4 hours
Scenes remaining: 4


19 Apr 2010 05:06 pm
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Today's word count (net): 1062
Total word count: 76213
Scenes edited: 4.5
Scenes remaining: 7.5

Have to get dinner fast, because I'm running to Greensboro for a writer's meetup what starts at 7. I should also put on some clothes that aren't sweatpants, since I'm going out in public. Derp.
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Today's word count: 1359
Total word count: 75151
Scenes edited: 7
Scenes added: 1
Scenes remaining: 15

I might have this draft finished by Wednesday. That would be awesome. I'm still targeting 90k words, but I think this'll end up closer to 80k, and I'm ok with that. Especially because I expect to have to revise a lot and add some stuff after my friends get finished with it.

Now if I could just stop flipping out over this bloody volcano in Iceland...

Hey hey

15 Apr 2010 05:43 pm
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Today's word count: 1280
Total word count: 73805
Scenes edited: 7
Time spent editing: 4.5 hours
Scenes remaining: 20ish

Tomorrow I should be able to get more pre-lunch writing time in, since I don't think I have anything to take care of in the morning.

Time to get dinner started.
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Today's word count: 2014
Total word count: 72525
Time spent editing: 4.5 hours
Scenes edited: 5
Scenes scrapped: 2
Scenes added: 1 (with about 45% of one of the scrapped scenes.)
Chapters edited: 16
Chapters to go: 9
Scenes to go: 27, give or take.

Days until Berlin: 17
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Today's word count: 1822
Total word count: 71233
Time spent editing: 3.5 hours
Scenes scrapped: 3
Scenes added: 2

I need to find time to have a drink with my ex-coworker from the Health Department (who lives here in town.) Possibly this weekend. WHY AM I SO OVERBOOKED?

And it's time to head off to watch cartoons.
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Net word count: 1184
Total word count: 70682

I doubt there's a way to get this finished before this Friday, but I'm gonna keep trying. Though I'm getting to some of the places where I've spent a reasonable bit of time editing already, so maybe that'll make it go easier? I hope?

Saturday I'm busy all day, and Sunday there's a Turkish festival at the fairgrounds, and I want to go to that, for a few hours at least, so I won't get any work done this weekend. All I know is that I need to get this finished before I go and send it to some beta readers.

On which topic: I'm going to solicit beta readers in the next week or so. I'll have a list of what I'm looking for in this readthrough (not a line edit, so don't worry!) and ask for volunteers. I just need like 2 or 3 right now.

(I have shopping to do before I leave! I need time to do that, too!)
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That's all I edited today. But it's a doozy: 2400 words, most of which were crap when I started.

Net word count: 683
Total word count: 69498
Time spent editing: 2 hours, 45 minutes.

Now it's time for big gay lawyers, FF13, and a beer.
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Scenes edited: 2.5
Today's word count: 1528
Total word count: 68815
Scenes remaining: 37.5

Ben said he'd come home after work to pick me up & meet Mo for dins in Chapel Hill, but he's not here yet. Oh, wait, there he is. Now it's time to feed the cats before we run out the door.

Close to 69000 words. That's a lot of words.
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Scenes edited & written: 2
Today's word count: 1707
Total word count: 67742
Scenes remaining to edit: 40, give or take a few.

Also, also, re Berlin: in the email we got, they said to let them know if there were any special preferences we had, like no pets or an internet connection. So I wrote and said I need a non smoking apartment, because I can't breathe smoke, and internet would be cool if possible, and if I could live in the city center that would be cool but I understand if they can't accommodate that request. And pets are OK, and I like cats, and maybe if there's a cat I won't miss mine so much.

The housing director wrote back, and said that non-smoking was no problem, and there's no lack of apartments with cats in Berlin. As far as internet and location, they'll see what they can do, and hope they can offer me a suitable apartment.

Holy crap, y'all, this is getting real! And coming up really soon! And I'm so not ready oh god!
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So. That whole 4-5 hours a day of editing? Hahahaha. I keep having things to do in the morning and not being able to start until later in the day. (Today it was a blood draw in advance of my physical. Which took longer than necessary, because the usual phleb nurse called out, and the other nurse kept looking for a vein, even after I pointed to the one the usual phleb nurse uses, then she had to get the doctor. Who went straight for the vein I'd pointed out. As I was leaving, I heard the nurse ask the doctor where she'd gotten it from. She answered, "left arm, lateral." The nurse replied, "the one she pointed out?" FUCKING DUH. I've had blood drawn enough times that I know which goddamn vein works. I only have the one, after all.)

Scenes edited: 2
Today's word count: 1513
Total word count: 66035
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Since I worked yesterday and didn't have a chance to read my internets until this morning, I didn't get started editing until after lunch.

Scenes edited: 2
Net word count: 892
Total word count: 65084

Favorite addition to the text: “We fought for our freedom, and we lost. We mourn our loss and cherish our memories, hoping to regain our freedom. Our children are different. They seek freedoms they’ve never had. They have little to lose and are willing to sacrifice everything.”

Favorite thing found in google search today (for "scalp wound first aid"): A study guide for Army field first aid.
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Scenes rewritten: 2
Today's word count: 1553
Total word count: 64669

I've moved the target date for having a draft completed to April 16 (up from the 23rd.) I'll have approximately nine days (plus maybe some time on the weekend, but I'm doubtful, since I have plans both days.) If I focus and spend, like, 5 hours a day on actual editing rather than the 2-3 I've managed lately, I might be able to do it. I don't know.

I guess I'll find out!
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Scenes edited: 2
Today's word count: 1361
Total word count: 64135

Look! That number is *bigger* than the previous one! This is a new and exciting thing for me. Though I don't trust it to continue this trend consistently over the next weeks.

Ideally I'd like to have this draft finished by the 23rd. We'll see how that goes. I really need to get through this book on Khomeinist Iran (which so far has been very interesting, and included a history of Iran *and* a history of Islam) so I can build the world on station better. So I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon on that, rather than on trying to squeeze out more words.

Because once I do that, I can go back and work on the Azar or Sahar POV sections and get more words there.

(I'd really like to take a nap, but I'll be good. If I had a lounge chair, I'd take it out to the deck and read there, since it's ridiculously nice out.)
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Today's word count: 1066
Total word count: 62844

If I get enough sleep tonight, maybe I'll be awake enough to edit a lot tomorrow. But trivia... I never get to go, what with having class normally from 6-7:30 then going home for dinner. And I'd like to see one of the people who's going, but it's not like we'd really be hanging out, you know? And Ben's got a bit of a headache.

Not to mention the fact that I'm really damn tired, and falling asleep at my computer makes it rather difficult to edit properly. Being this tired makes it hard to think straight (and makes me feel more migrainey.)

Can't decide. Will probably default to maximum laziness. *yawns*
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since I don't get tomorrow at all, but I'm sorta distractable.

Today's word count: Unsure. I accidentally quit Scrivener instead of alt-tab, and I lost the session count. I think it was about 450 or 500. Subsequent word count was 250.
Total word count: 62142.

I decided that the scene I thought I could salvage really didn't add anything to either plot or characterization, so it's gone, along with 1400 words. *cry*

I'm going to focus more the rest of this week, so I can get this as done as I can before I go so I can get it to first readers while I'm gone. (I'm not looking for a line edit or anything, just a read through to see if it makes sense, if there are any gaping plot holes, if the characterization is on, pacing, etc. If there's any wording that jumps out as confusing or repetitious, of course, feel free to note it.) I figure 6 weeks is a fair enough turn-around time!

If only I can get it finished by then. Urgh. (I'll have *something* done by then, but I doubt it'll be a Genuine First Draft. More like an almost-first draft.) While I'm glad I got paid for 2 months, I'd really been counting on that time to make revisions. I leave in 33 days.

(Oh, god, 33 days? I'm so not ready for this!)
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Today's word count: 765
Total word count: 63081
Net word count: 748

My next editing session is going to be more painful. I think I can keep this scene, but I need to fix a lot so it doesn't break continuity or characterization. If I net positive after doing that, I'll call it a win.

Then once I finish this chapter, I have to go back to the beginning and work on the 3rd POV character's scenes. Which will also involve extensive rewriting. Though I have a few scenes I'll need to write entirely from scratch, which should help make the word count go UP.

I wish I had more time to get through the nonfiction book I'm reading for research on the setting of the 3rd POV character (and the bulk of the plot...) So that bit is going to be weak in this draft. Probably. As long as I keep vague, I should be ok? ^^;

(Maybe I'll read tomorrow, since I finished crocheting my shawl.)


26 Mar 2010 05:01 pm
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This draft, this revision process, we hates it forever. Next time, I'm gonna try a more detailed outline, as well as put details in the FIRST time I write it. Argh. This whole "this section SUCKS I must rewrite it completely" thing is for the birds.

Today's word count: 1294
Total word count: 62333
Net word count: -66

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Today's word count: 1210
Total word count: 62399
Scenes edited: 3

(Also, I wrote almost 1000 words of fanfic for my springkink prompts.)

Now it's time to watch some FF13 and work on my crochet.
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The daily word count post.

I seem to be at a wall. I can't get myself to focus for more than an hour at a time (and in between turning off the internet, I get sucked into discussions in comments or making posts or whatever.) So I'm making very slow progress. Perhaps I should set Freedom for 2 hours at a go.

Maybe that's because I know this section kinda sucks but I don't want to deal with it. Ah well; tomorrow I have to write two promptfics; maybe that'll get my brain in gear.

Net word count: 568
Total word count: 62056
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I'm having trouble focusing, and I need to swing by my eye doctor to drop off some frames for computer glasses before COUP, so I think I'll wrap up my writing for the day. (My vision since LASIK is better than 20/20, and I'm a little farsighted, so we'll be turning my old reading glasses into a pair of computer glasses, since I spend so much time at the computer these days.)

Net word count: 499
Total word count: 61579

I need to decide if I want to keep one scene in the POV it's currently in, or if I want to change it. I may want to change it to be consistent with the rest of the chapter. I don't know. What I do know is that I have to get some focus on if I want to get this finished before I go to Germany.

(holy shit, I'm going to Germany! In like 6 weeks! Yikes!)
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Today's word count: 1024
Total word count: 61275 (nuked another scene)

I have an opinion on the health care reform ♥law♥ but I don't have time to elaborate. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than it used to be. I'll make a real post on it ... sometime. Maybe.
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So when I was working on a scene a few days ago, I worked out a piece of worldbuilding that gave me an idea for how to make some trouble for our heroes.

Today, I wrote a scene in which the trouble comes out. It breaks continuity later, but that's OK. I like it anyway.

Today's word count: 1269
Total word count: 60289 (no word count tricks this time; I just had to nuke a scene.)

Time for some dinner.
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Scenes edited: 2
Net word count: 423
Total word count: 60220*

*Scrivener is playing word count tricks again; I found an empty scene that had a word count of 200 associated with it.

So, as usual, having less time to work makes me work harder. Well, work better. I've known for years that I work best with a deadline looming or with a ton of work to do. I get my time management on best when I have a lot of things I need to manage. (If I don't, then it doesn't seem quite as dire.)

I didn't get started on editing until about 2 pm today, after going to the eye doctor and getting my hair cut, yet I still ended up with a similar net word count as the days I had all day to edit. This doesn't surprise me, but it makes me a little sad, and I should probably figure out how to get myself focused more during the full days.

I also have another plan, so I don't spend all day on my ass in front of the glowy box. In between internet-free intervals, I will get up and go do something for tai chi. Whether that's stand in mabu for a while and breathe, practice chansijin, or work on a form, I'll spend some time doing that, rather than farting around on the internet. I need to get more practice in, and I need to get out of my chair more often. Two birds, etc.

Right. Now for the out of my chair time for a bit.
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Scenes edited: 3
Net word count: 560
Total word count: 60321

Tomorrow I'm losing a good bit of work time, because I've got an eye doctor's appointment at 10:20, then a hair appointment at 11:30. I should have time in the afternoon, though I'm going out for dinner at 7.

I'm gonna have to focus this weekend and get a few hours in both days. At the rate I'm going, it'll be June before I finish the first draft, and I kind of want to get it to people by the end of April (so they can have it 6 weeks or so, while I'm gallivanting.)

It's kind of annoying that I start to get fuzzy-headed after an hour or two of editing.


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