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I'm so not ready for VP this weekend. Augh. I've got laundry drying right now, so I can pack tonight, if I'm lucky, or tomorrow. I still haven't figured out what I'm going to wear.

I'm close to finished with this short story (which needs a better name; I am terrible at naming things and I hate it), so I'm looking for a few good beta readers. I'll email you the file (.doc, .rtf, or .odt--your preference) and hope to get it back by the 20th. I won't have time to work on it while I'm at VP, of course. Comment or PM me.

I get to finish things off in the house, like the almond milk I use for post-workout smoothies, which Ben won't use and won't keep until I get back. Not sure whether I want to make a smoothie for lunch today or tomorrow, though. I also have a persimmon I bought Saturday that is finally starting to become edible. I hope it's ready tomorrow.

I still need to finish The Lies of Locke Lamora, which I am enjoying a lot but not having time to read. I can take it on the plane, but I was kinda hoping to sleep, since I have to get up an hour early Sunday. We'll see.

I'd also like to make more progress in this module, which has finished being about language acquisition theory and turned into instructional methodology.

On which note: progress! I am confirmed for Mannheim Feb 10-22, and after I get back, I'll look more into flights and housing. The woman I've been conversing with sent me documents with hotels and apartment search information, which I will make use of. If any of you German friends of mine are in Mannheim or have friends there who are willing to put me up for about 18 days for less than 500€, please let me know! If you have any tips about Mannheim, also let me know. I've never been there.

(The youth hostel works out to about 440€ for the length of time, and it includes breakfast. But it's a shared room, so ... One plus is that each room has its own shower. I don't know. Hard to unpack in a hostel I think, but everything else is so expensive.)

Anyway, I'm hungry, so I need to get lunch and then get back to revising this story.


8 Oct 2013 09:07 am
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So busy.

I have a finished first draft of the UST short story, and I'll be looking for betas after the first revisions are done, ie Friday (aka before I go to VP).

- flu shot (10:15)
- writing group (11-1)
- Target
- post office
- call hotel to warn about package on its way
- watch language acquisition lecture

- read Lies of Locke Lamora

- call Frau H-S about practicum (I have a $10 prepaid card that says its minutes don't expire; let's find out)
- work out
- write post for The Hard Tackle
- work on novel
- read more language acquisition & do assignments
- read Lies
- pub quiz

- revise Hard Tackle post
- work out
- work on short story revisions
- work on language course
- read Lies
- write OTE post for Friday

- take Ben to train station (9:42)
- laundry
- start packing
- get betas for short story
- language course
- read Lies

- groceries?
- finish packing (as much as I can)
- queue OTE posts for next week
- paint nails

- fly to Boston (9:15; have ride to RDU from DFS)


27 Sep 2013 04:38 pm
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Things I have not done today:
-written in the novel.
-taken a nap.

Things I have done today:
-taken pictures of Claire learning how to get into the loft and Meyrin being skeptical.
-made a VP packing list.
-worked out a loose budget for a Pacific Rim con and told the chairs we REALLY need to lock in the hotel ASAP like NOW, and we can't wait till after the kickstarter is over (6+ weeks). I hope they listen.
-emailed a former classmate (from the project management class) who works in HR at a local community college about creating a continuing education course.
-groused that another local community college requires a masters degree in all their teachers, not that they even offer German or seem to have continuing ed anyway.
-read a lot of tumblr and played a lot of stupid facebook games.


22 Aug 2013 03:55 pm
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Things I have done today:
- taken my car to get its a/c serviced ahead of driving to Atlanta next week
- rewritten a blog post for tomorrow
- put gas in my car
- washed my cosplay wig so I can restyle it
- started a packing list for DragonCon
- read a lot of Pacific Rim fanfic

Things I have not done today:
- written in the novel
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Now that I've finished the class I was taking, and the end-of-course test, I can do the other things I need to do.

1. Finish reading Five Germanys so I can return it to the library by 12/19. (60 pages left)
2. Edit VP application story again.
3. Mail VP application (after January 1)
4. Watch movies for grad school application paper.
5. Brainstorm statement of purpose.
6. Convention-related stuff
7. Get L to help me find sources for paper writing stuff
8. Oh and I have a hair appointment next Monday. If I take the 10:20 bus and it isn't late, I should make the 10:45 appointment. Which means I need to leave here by 10.

And I'm going up to Maryland the 22nd-24th for family stuff, which reminds me that I need to

9. Get an oil change.
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1. Do some con stuff.
2. Clean the bathroom. (When it gets warm enough to open the window)
3. Study for the test in my PMP class.
4. Email K about a job for a friend.
5. Make more progress on the 2k words of nonfiction I checked out of the library (http://twitter.yfrog.com/mnceqylj) I read some Schnitzler in a literature course I took in Marburg.
6. Email S about magazine stuff.
7. Start making the documentation for magazine stuff.

It's easier when I write it down like that.
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- Well, I *was* going to go outside and practice taiji jian, but it's raining, so that's out.

- I volunteered to be a/the project manager for Bull Spec, and Sam told me he's interested and gave me a long list of things he wants to get done for the magazine. I'd been thinking more along the lines of "making sure he gets the magazine out in due time and setting deadlines" and shit, but that works, too. I could do both. (I'm not the person who's going to do the tasks; I'm just going to make sure things happen in a timely fashion.)

So today, I'm going to sit down and sketch out some project plans, then email Sam back so we can get together with Melinda, who's been handling the advertising & stuff, and talk about things.

- Put laundry away.

- Have a celebratory beer for Hertha's 2-0 win over VFR Aalen this morning.

- Do some more research for the massive Berlin travel planning spreadsheet (which has grown and become more detailed since I posted it whenever that was). I really like planning things; this is why I should become a project manager. Clearly.

Also, project management is a very portable skill, and if I get the PMP certification (which requires 4500 hours/3 years FT experience if you have a college degree), it's apparently globally recognized.

And I just really like planning shit.
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1. Internet stuff
2. Wash shrug I finally finished (the one I started in 2008 and has been waiting for me to sew up its sleeves for 4 years)
3. Finish cutting pattern for Empire dress
4. Trace & cut pieces
5. lunch
6. Internet stuff

7. Start first round of revisions on novel 2
8. Crochet satchel (only 6 rows + border + trim on the back, then putting it together)
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I don't have a weekend free until ... June? July?

March 31: con meeting
April 1: nothing yet (though need to do yard sale prep and get Ben to do taxes)
April 6-8: Ben's parents here
April 14: neighborhood yard sale
April 15: NC spec fic night
April 21-22: Festival of Legends
April 21: party at the neighbors'
April 28: all-day continuing ed
April 28-29: Mo visiting? Gaming with Laura & Paul?

May 5-6: San shou workshop?
May 12: Ben in ATL
May 13: con meeting
May 19: nothing yet. Maybe ATLA marathon, or Giant Robo marathon?
May 20: con meeting
May 26-27: Animazement (if we go; the guest we wanted to see just died)

June: keeping free for last-minute con shit
June 21-24: ConTemporal

July 12-15: ReaderCon (doubt I can go)
July 20-22: LibertyCon (might go as part of ConTemporal delegation)

Then sometime after that, my mom & sister might come down, if my sister's theater schedule permits.

August 30-Sept 3: WorldCon
Sept 8: my cousin Nick's wedding
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- Make custard for ice cream so it can chill overnight
- Clean off the kitchen table


- Run custard through ice cream freezer, put into actual freezer (morningish)
- Chop apples & onion, dump with squash into crockpot (by 2 pm)
- Bake cake (~1 hr)
- Vacuum living room and stairs (~1 hr)
- Wash slip covers on couch & futon (which was nice and clean until a cat hairballed on it, sigh) (~1 hr; start before vacuuming)
- Make cornbread
- Last-minute tidying & horizontal surface usable-making

I bought another broom today, and it had a cleaning tip on the wrapper: sweep your carpet before vacuuming to get more dirt up. I've never heard that, but I'll give it a shot. We have a lot of cat-related dirt in the carpet. It may also help with the long hair tangling around the vacuum brush problem.

There are going to be 15+ people in my house. I don't think I have enough chairs...

(Also, I'm starting to feel left out again, because people never invite me to things, and lately when I invite people over, they're "doing something else." YAY FUN ANXIETY.)
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Evict this cat from my lap so I can type without strain and shift my weight so my butt stops hurting, first off.

Take pen and paper to Cup-a-Joe and figure out character stuff (and also get out of the house before I go mad; living alone sucks, even if only temporarily).

Read more. Maybe finish crocheting the hexipuff I started at Dragon*Con.

Right, speaking of cons, I need to reserve a room at WorldCon and send in my Hugo nominations...
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- call grandparents about what we're doing for dinner tomorrow
- email mom about more planning stuff

- pack [clothes picked out, toiletries not ready yet; don't forget phone charger]
- email vet re Isis' blood sugar
- bake sweet potatoes & get 2 cups mashed to take up [start at 4:30 so only have to heat oven once]
- make gingersnap crumb topping
- make next/final attempt at alternate history spy story
- writers group @ 7
- get directions to grandparents' house

I think that's everything I need to do today... I've got all the refrigerated stuff I need to take up sorted in the fridge, and I'll put it in a cooler in the morning.

I'm not really looking forward to a 6-hour drive by myself tomorrow (and another on Friday), but my grandparents aren't getting any younger.
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I accomplish more when I have a lot to do. If my time's wide open, I just fill it with meaningless crap like refreshing tumblr and playing silly social flash games. If I have a bunch of stuff I need to accomplish, I actually, you know, DO stuff.

To-do lists make the world go round.

Con stuff
- email a bunch of my guests to introduce myself & get an idea for their panel topics
- write the panel topics into a document so I can mail it to everyone

Other stuff
- writing group Thursday?
- make novel not suck by the end of the week
- cask festival Saturday?
- read & review book for Sam (due 10/28)

I feel like I need more to do. :P
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- write a piece for [twitter.com profile] redrobbery on what to expect from Hertha next matchday (quick summary: parking the bus and a complete inability to defend set pieces). Thankfully I can crib from the season preview I wrote for the Bundesliga Fanatic.

- clean off my desk upstairs so I can start using it, since it's getting cooler outside and downstairs is cold

- watch TUR:GER

- clean off the coffee table

- wash the slip cover on the second couch and rearrange the living room to comfortably seat 6

- decide what I want for dinner tonight

- download & watch the BSC:KÖL match (first half)

- take a nap to try and recover from low sleep all weekend
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- hit up Target for Don's pop tarts, Ben's trail mix, and some Emergen-C
- hit up Michael's for modeling clay (since the packets I thought I had are missing somewhere) and brooch/pin backing (and sock yarn?)
- make little Nike swooshes from modeling clay, paint them gold, and hot glue pin backs to them
- get wings from Laurel (hopefully she still has some); figure out how to attach them without cutting fabric
- see if corsets still fit since the weight loss from last year's Evil Nausea From Hell
- pack
- come up with emergency back-up plan if Laurel doesn't have wings

I have between now and Wednesday evening to do this. Should be doable...
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In order to reach the goals I've made (see yesterday's post), I'm going to get all organized and shit.

Step 1: Acquire planner. I had a planner once, back when I was in pharmacy school, but I have no idea where it ended up. I searched the most obvious places, but I couldn't find it. I may have gotten rid of it. So I'll run down to the last independent office supply store in the area (possibly even the state) and browse his wares. I remember when Office Supplies & More lived in downtown Chapel Hill, but I'm sure the rent at Timberlyne is less ridiculous.

Step 2: DIY Planner (.com). I assume a planner I'd buy would include the inserts, but I like some of the optional ones at this website. They have a creativity pack, which has things like story ideas and submission trackers, and I like some of the pages included in the core pack. I'd like to print them double-sided to a) save paper and b) make it easier to turn pages without double-sided tape.

You're probably asking why I need a planner; if I have dates and lists and deadlines, I have a framework. I've tried digital organizing, and it doesn't work. Not for me. I don't check my GCal every day. Though I'm not sure I'd check a planner every day either; but if I have physical things on my desk (another thing what needs decluttering again) and lists I can manually tickybox, it can help. I know GCal has a to-do list function; see above re not looking at it. And if I do, it's on my phone, which doesn't support Tasks.

Step 3: Use planner. Set deadlines for revisions, outlines, learning taiji things, etc.

I've come up with one even remotely feasible idea for moving to Berlin eventually, and I'm going to have to be really fucking organized to do it: Become a taiji instructor. That's far more portable than pharmacy, if far less lucrative.

I've tried looking into what I'd have to do to become an Apothekerin, and it seems that I'd have to do something like 1500 hours (1 year) of internship/apprenticeship (Ausbildung) and sit the license exams. I ... have zero desire to go through that shit again. And it strikes me that getting a work visa as a pharmacist, when surely there are pharmacy grads in Germany, would be rather difficult.

According to my school's website, I just have to have been studying for five years and have the sponsorship (approval?) of one of the main teachers. Searching my old entries indicates that I started at MTT by March 26, 2007. So I've been there four years now. Or soon. Cool.

For yellow sash, I need to find the first taiji classic attributed to ZSF. It might be in Master Jou's book, which is still on my shelf, partly read. I also have to learn a whole bunch of theory stuff. As far as the actual taiji part is concerned, it'll be posture, whole body movement, and energy, as well as flow and smoothness (ie, no pausing at the end of each posture.)

So in my planner, along with the writing goals (and gardening and house cleaning), I'll be making tai chi notes. One of the DIY Planner kits included an exercise tracker, and I can easily repurpose that to keep myself honest for taiji practice.


1 Jan 2011 07:12 pm
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It's that time of year when we make ourselves feel virtuous by saying we'll give up bad habits, or do a list of things. I'll break mine down by category.

- Finish revisions on Valkyrie One
- Prepare and send my VP application
- Completely revise Iron and Rust
- Outline next novel

- Practice something every day
- Test for yellow sash (either end of 2011 or Metal Rabbit)

- Keep going to Pilates at least once a week
- Add back the elliptical at least once a week

Life & home
- Fix the front yard
- Clean up the mess in front of my bookshelves
- Sell books & fancrap I don't need
- Organize the sewing room (I'm scared to go in)
- Come up with a plan for moving to Berlin in 10-15 years
- Convince Ben this isn't a harebrained scheme
- Drink more Scotch

- Get paid for something (there's not much on any temp/per diem/travel on any of the 3 agencies I know of that operate in NC. And I can't work outside NC, legally.)

I ought to sit down with paper and make detailed notes for how I want to accomplish some of these things (like yellow sash), because they're rather vague, and vague doesn't help me get shit done.


31 Dec 2010 10:12 pm
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Lots of people are doing year or decade in review things; I might do that later. We'll see. Perhaps some forced introspection will be good for me.


1. Practice taiji daily. Practice chansijin at least 3x/wk and Four Flowers at least 3x/wk. Practice at least one form per day, and Chen at least twice a week.
2. Exercise at least 3x/wk. I'm not getting any younger, and my thighs aren't getting any smaller. (Quite the opposite, in fact... I've already started wearing the seams out on a pair of stretchy jeans I bought in September. That I wear twice a week. Dammit.)
3. Get a rough draft of Iron and Rust finished by the end of February, then go over it once.
4. Have the first 6k words polished in order to apply to VP.
5. Outline prequel(s) to Iron & Rust.
6. Get my author site set up. (Pay someone to make the design pretty. Too bad Tammy's overextended already; she makes good design...)

Other plans:

1. Read Spiegel.de every day.
2. Write a paragraph in German every day.
3. Review German grammar.
4. Practice German vocabulary.
5. While I'm in Berlin and Vienna/Budapest (6 wks total), have a revised first draft to betas.
6. If my job still sucks by the time I leave for Europe, send out my resume to other retail chains. Hopefully they can give me part time (10-20 hrs/wk) or every third weekend (Fri-Sun.)

Travel & con plans:

January: none
February: Snowshoe?
March: none
April: none Carolinas Writers Conference 4/16
May: Goethe Institut Berlin (4 wks)
June: Vienna, Bratislava & Budapest (for our 10th anniversary) (2 wks)
July: none USKSF tournament? ReaderCon
August: NASFiC?
September: Dragon*Con
October: none
November: Thanksgiving with the in-laws
December: pre-Christmas with my mom's family (probably 12/17-19)

I'll post-date this later, so it sticks at the top.
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Tomorrow's Christmas Eve, so if I want to get any groceries before like Sunday, I have to do it before I think 6 pm tomorrow. This means I have to figure out some stuff, like what I need to get and what I want to make.

I want to make mulled wine, because it's awesome. I have a single bottle of pomegranate wine, but the recipe I think I used last time calls for 2. I'll also need oranges, OJ, and cinnamon sticks.

After I saw this recipe for cinnamon rolls, I knew I had to make it. I need more flour, probably, and more light brown sugar. (I think I only have dark at the moment.) I'm debating whether I actually need whole milk or if I can use skim. I should also see if I have a Tbsp of cardamom in my container. (I have a ton of five spice, but Ben doesn't like anise, or otherwise I'd just use that. Yum.) If I do a frosting on it, I'll probably do a cream cheese one, which means I should still get powdered sugar anyway.

Last year, Ben and I made French toast with challah (left over from the most amazing bread pudding) and eggnog, which was delightful. (Mix an egg in with some eggnog, dredge the bread, and cook as usual.) We have eggnog, but no challah, and I think with the cinnamon rolls, we won't need more bread products.

I should find some veggie breakfast sausage stuff. The morning carbs will need some protein to go with them.

We're planning to do atheist Christmas by following the fine Jewish tradition of watching a movie and going out for Chinese food. (We're debating at present which DVD to put in, though I'd be up for catching Tron again. Still not in IMAX, and preferably not 3D. It was very shiny, and the people were very pretty and in nice, tight clothes.) [personal profile] picklish and [personal profile] ranyart will be missed, but we'll enjoy our Jade Palace meal and think of you.

I also have to figure out if we need regular groceries before Sunday, though I think we should be OK. Ben is going to pick up some more cans of Weruva's Asian Fusion, since Claire ate that with gusto this morning. She wasn't keen on the chicken soup variety (I can't blame her, it had PEAS), and she was more interested in the Polynesian BBQ, but it had chunks that she had trouble eating. The seafood varieties have a little more protein and PO4 than the poultry varieties, but if we can't get her to eat the chicken, it doesn't do us much good. Maybe once she's back to eating normally and she doesn't associate chewing with pain, we can try the chicken ones again.

I'm hungry, though, and Ben won't be home for another hour or so, since he's swinging by Chapel Hill on his way. Boo.
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10 am: pick up quiche at WSM (also crackers & vitamins)
12:20: neuro appointment

- make parmesan crisps (oven @300)
- roast green beans (oven @350)
- bake & mash sweet potatoes (oven @400)
- thaw puff pastry, roll out & shape, refreeze
- make topping for sweet potato pudding
- soften ice cream & stir in bourbon & molasses

9 am: prep pear tart (cook pears, cook filling)
10:30: tart in oven (400), prep sweet potato pudding
11:30: pudding in oven (350)
unknown time: put quiche in oven with pudding
12:30: pack everything up and go to the hotel

What to take
- cranberry sauce
- green beans
- parmesan crisps
- chevre
- halved dried figs
- pudding
- quiche
- tart
- ice cream
- wine? corkscrew?
- beer?
- serving utensils?
- plates? (No idea what sort of/how many dishes this hotel kitchenette has)

You bet Ben's helping me with this mess. They're his famdambly.
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Without a job or something to work on, I spend the whole day fucking around on the internet. (Well, except yesterday and today I read The White Road, [livejournal.com profile] otterdance's latest book, in the afternoon. I can read a 400-page adult book in 6-8 hours.) Tuesday I spent some time redesigning my blog and writing a post, which sort of counts as real work, I guess.

I also need to spend more time practicing tai chi.

I may end up having to make myself a daily planner thingy and do shit like "8-9 am: computer; 9-10 am tai chi," etc. And give myself a tai chi practice regimen (Monday: Chen and chan si; Tuesday: weapons and Four Flowers, etc.) I'm good at following schedules and stuff, but I need to have them. I'm externally motivated, which is why I got into the advancement program at the school, rather than just taking classes. It gives me goals to work toward.

So tomorrow I need to write a proposal/summary/query for Valkyrie One (on which darling Ben has given me fb on already, over his lunch break today). I'll do that in the morning. I also need to write up a blog post on the ghost stations of Berlin. I'll start on that in the afternoon. I'm going to need to either focus on a small aspect of it (enough to show where I got U8 from) or break it into several pieces. It's a huge topic, and I find it incredibly fascinating. (Note to self: get book from upstairs.)

I also need to write up my thoughts on The White Road. Since I'm not an accomplished or particularly academic reviewer, that doesn't usually take very long.

I'd like to start revisions on Iron and Rust, but I'm still waiting on a couple sets of comments.

Tonight's a friend's birthday party over at the Flying Saucer, so we're headed out there after a bit. Ben's home, so it's time for me to feed the evil while he takes a shower.
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-Call Visa & let them know I'm going to Europe so they don't cancel my card when there are charges in Europe
-Figure out what the BofA and SECU international ATM fees are & decide which card to take; transfer money if necessary
-Send updated contact info once I get my address
-LJ voice posting?
-Decide whether I want to take a 13-hour overnight train from Berlin to Vienna or a 2-hour plane trip. Train is less expensive, longer; flying is a pain in the ass.
-Get a haircut
-See people before I leave
-Make a packing list

Crabtree (Lush, Ann Taylor, H&M, Body Shop)
-King of the Mods, 4-oz body wash
-clothes? jeans, tops, skirt?
-face wash for Ben, travel size body wash if on sale

-underwear, socks
-cat litter
-bathrobe for Ben?
-Kashi bars (or Chez Teeter)

-Anything on packing list I don't actually have on hand.

Why are Ann Taylor pants so expensive? Why are they the only store I can reliably find pants that actually fit all my measurements? :P
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So far this morning, I have done the following:

- called the vet, the vet school, and the vet again, and rescheduled Isis' ultrasound for this Thursday at TAC rather than the vet school. We'll get her in earlier, and it'll save us the trip to Raleigh.

- called my doctor. I haven't had a physical since 2007, so back I go. I'm getting fasting labs (;_;) the 7th at 8:30, then the appointment is the 27th at 10:15. I'd wondered if she was going to want a physical again, since I couldn't exactly remember my last one. (I'm young. Insurance only covers a physical for people my age every few years.)

- called the pharmacy. Since I'll run out of drugs before the appointment, I had to get the pharmacy to fax a reauthorization form. (Though, hm, my labs will be done before I run out; I don't know if they'll wait till then. I'm in no rush on that.) And because I'm going to be gone for 6 weeks, I asked if we could do it in 90-day supplies instead of 30. They may have to bug my insurance people.

- called BCBS and got numbers for whom to call if I get sick (and end up in the hospital) in Europe. I need to look up in-network doctors in Berlin, just in case. (I can also just go to a doctor and pay cash, then send in the claim when I get home.)

- emailed the Goethe Institut with some inane questions about housing.

- emailed Pension Wild asking for a confirmation.

- got Ben to put the registration form in the mailbox.

And that's basically my to-do list for the day.

But I need to buy a plane ticket from Berlin to Vienna. Can't forget to do that. That would be really bad.

I was too tired to get up and exercise this morning, and I was hoping the weather wouldn't be this vile and I could go for a walk. Guess not.
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- Call Dr B to get new Synthroid rx; ask if she wants bloodwork this time. -- Get 90-day supply!
- Call BCBS to see what coverage is like in Europe/travel (Hungary requires proof of insurance?)
- Call TAC to see about u/s for Isis; cancel appt at vet school if needed
- Email GI about housing (when I find out where I'm living) & how much die Kaution will be & when I get it back
- Mail registration form for CME
- Email pension in Vienna to get confirmation of reservation (to print out)


- Women's Health CE (8:20-3:45; Grandover Resort). Leave at 7:30!
- Stop home before COUP? Might want to change...


- NO TAI CHI. Don't go to class!


- TAI CHI. Be in Pittsboro at 19:30.

I feel like I'm forgetting something. *checks GCal* No, that's it... I might could be persuaded to go to trivia Wednesday, though I won't be drinking. Since I'd have to drive home and all.

FRIDAY I just have my usual Chen practice at 7:30, then a day of editing.

SATURDAY I might be helping S move, unless that ends up being SUNDAY.

Why am I so busy? Right, because I'm trying to get a whole lot of shit done before I leave the country for SIX WEEKS.

Also, we have a tornado watch in effect until 1 am. Here's hoping nothing happens.


23 Feb 2010 10:58 am
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So, yesterday, I went in to work at 10. Because labels had just been printed, there wasn't anything for me to check, so I took a couple totes for cycle fill (automatic refill of orders for homes) and scanned them through. A tote holds in the neighborhood of 100 cards, depending on the size. So before I even started the daily fills, I'd scanned about 150-175 orders through.

From 11 am until about 5 pm, it was NONSTOP. Except during lunch, of course. I went from 12:15-1:15, ate my bagel, and crocheted some more, glad for the sitting.

Total daily orders scanned yesterday: 1075. And there were still a few dozen left at 7, when I went home.

Times I nearly flipped my shit: 1. (Several homes pick up at 3 pm. At 2 pm, a bunch of labels were printed for them. At 2:45, they were still somewhere on the floor, and none of the filling techs knew where they were. They were located by 3:15 and sent out.)

I poured myself a nice strong drink when I got home. (Jonah's Apology Julep, about two fingers over ice. I need to get his recipe, because I'm running low. It's whiskey with mint and syrup; I can't figure whether the syrup or the whiskey is infused, or what the ratios are. I've come to realize I like the taste of whiskey, actually.)

So glad I'm off today.

Plans for today:
-pay bills (done before breakfast!)
-pay my 2010 car registration
-mail my sister's check
-outline a short story

Nice and relaxing!

Hey, the sun is finally starting to come out! Maybe it'll warm up as promised. *huddles under blanket*
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I got through my entire to-do list, except registering for the CE. I have another week or so for that. And it's like $170 for a day-long CE, which includes continental breakfast (coffee, tea, and pastries) and a rather nice lunch. It's at this fancy-pants resort/spa in Greensboro, which is part of the reason it costs several times as much as the day-long CE with continental breakfast and box lunches at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill. (Which I won't be able to make this year, unfortunately, because I'll be in BERLIN instead. Hahaha. It's the first day of my language class, even.)

I learned that David Drake got a JD at Dook, and he was the town attorney for Chapel Hill. Now I feel obligated to read his books. I bet they have some at the library, and there are some free on Baen's Webscriptions. (Baen has offices down here. Did you know that?) But he has written space opera with mercenaries, and I feel doubly obligated to read more in the subgenre.

After dinner, Ben's gonna play the last bit of DLC in Assassin's Creed II, and I'm gonna crochet. I have a shawl I need to finish. I'm on row 12 or so of a projected 80+. -_- (At least it's worked entirely in half-double, so it's quick.)

Quick beer review: Picked up a 6-pack of Dead-Eye Jack (Lone Rider Brewing). It's a seasonal (Outlawed Release) porter. As I've mentioned before, porters are hit or miss for me. This one is a hit, I think. It's got a decent balance between malt and hops, and a hint of chocolate. Recommended! (I prefer stouts over porters, as far as dark beers go. Except the Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, which is amazing.)

I probably mentioned how much I liked Shotgun Betty, which is Lone Rider's hefeweizen. I'm going to mention it again, because it's so damn good, and I haven't had any since my halloween party, because it's only available in growlers still, and I can't drink 4 pints by myself. :P

We should make a field trip to Big Boss and Lone Rider, but possibly not the same day. I wonder if Triangle Brewing in Durham offers tours/samples/etc... (Ooh, I can send a SASE to Lone Rider and get labels and coasters...)

Which reminds me of another quick beer review: Triangle Brewing's Belgian golden: Nice, drinkable. Not quite as good as Duvel, but probably cheaper.

Holy shit, clicking around TBC's website shows a Black Friday cask festival. Too bad it's impossible to get Ben's family here for Thanksgiving. :P (Not that they'd want to do it, of course. Except his bro.)

OK, dinner's ready. Time to eat!
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Last night was the Magic Tortoise Taijiquan school's annual new year potluck with demonstrations. I was in 4 of them. (If I remembered crap about san shou, I would have grabbed a partner and done that, too.)

James and Dan led an abbreviated Chen style, which I learned at the Friday morning Chen practice (which, dammit, I'm going to attend every week I can.) The Chen style repeats so much that it's fairly easy to say, "OK, after the first single whip, go into cloud hands, then switch feet and hidden hand punch, rising dragon stretches claws into death ground on one side only, then from the press into black dragon serves tea, single whip then dragon enters its lair (aka snake creeps down) to the ending."

Then it was the stick/dao demo. LaoMa learned it from TT Liang, who based it on a praying mantis weapon form. That went fairly well, though Violet led faster than I'm used to.

Fan demo was... well, Violet dropped her fan, I had trouble balancing for the one-legged lean forward part, then I dropped my fan, and Mrs Ma dropped hers. Fans are the easiest weapon to drop, since you flip them open a lot, and if you're nervous (and your hands are sweating), it can fly right out of there. But we had fun, and people were impressed *anyway*. So.

Right after fan, I had to lead Chen dao, since Chen is my main style and LaoMa wanted me to. He introduced it as something he'd learned and liked to teach to Chen stylists. It was surprisingly unstressful! I'm not used to practicing with music, and when we did it in class, it threw me off, but I managed to ignore the music, and did my pace, and it was fine. Dr Jay told me I looked good, so that's cool.

(Other demos included Wudangshan, Wu Hao, Yang, tangquan, baguajian, cane, and tassel sword. Plus san shou, as mentioned above.)

Today's to-do list:
-Isis poking
-help Ben take the last set of lights down
-finish line edit on [personal profile] yhibiki's story (on p 5 of 22...)
-go for a walk and enjoy the weather
-take Isis for a walk
-register for ReaderCon and Anson Co writers workshop

-register for women's health symposium (and 6 hrs of CE credit)

That's probably enough, since the line edit is going to take most of the day. This nice, sunny, 60-degree day. ;_;
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1. Get my evaluation for Chen style done. Status: waiting reply from Dr Jay with when works for him. Deadline: 1/26. DONE 1/25

2. Get serious about cardiovascular fitness. I ain't getting any younger. If I want to be active in my old age, I need to get fit now. That means getting on my walking in place machine at least 3 times a week. Status: uh. Working on that.

3. Write 4 short stories and submit them for publication, until at least one is bought. Status: 1 story submitted and rejected; 2nd story submitted. Revising story #1.

4. Get Nothing Beside Remains to queryable form. Status: revisions GO.

5. Stop feeling like a poseur when I put "sf/f writer" in my bio. Status: not there yet.

I'm gonna post-date this in a couple days so I can keep track/accountable with a post at the top of my journal.
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revise chapter 1
draw a map of the station, esp where the battle occurs

plan out (in detail, dammit) the battle stuff
get a crown (#2 this year! I love my teeth XP )

Work on battle scenes
Taiji class

More work on battle scenes
Booklife reading/signing at CH Comics

See above re battle scenes
out to Raleigh Times w/K


off to Disney World!


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