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Ben & I drove down Friday, picked his family up at the airport, and checked in to the Lion and Rose, the B&B we stayed at when we went there for our anniversary a couple years ago. The breakfast is still awesome. Saturday we had eggs scrambled with veggies in a wheat shell, Sunday was blueberry pancakes with bourbon-pecan syrup, and Monday was a variant of eggs Benedict (with foccacia, spinach, ham for the meat-eaters, a poached egg, and a Hollandaise-like sauce made with goat cheese). Yeah, it was awesome. If you go to Asheville, look it up.

After we got settled in, we went to Nine Mile for dinner, which is just up the street from the B&B. It's Jamaican-pasta fusion. I had a tuna dish with perfectly-seared tuna and a coconut curry sauce; Ben got a dish called Soon Come, which was cheese tortellini with pineapple, apples, bananas, and currants in a cinnamon syrup. It was awesome. We split a piece of their Chocolate Spliff Cake, which included black pepper in the cake and had a lemon-thyme cream filling. It was awesome, and I wonder if it got the name because they were high when they thought of it. After that, we went back and Ben opened his birthday presents from his family, and we drank port and talked. (They have port and sherry you can drink.)

Before I talk about Saturday, I need to mention the cold front that just came through the state. Thursday it was 80 degrees. Friday's high was 60, and it was windy as hell.

So, Saturday morning we went hiking in the Blue Ridge. We walked up Craggy Gardens. When we parked, the car's thermometer told us it was 32 degrees, and it snowed a little bit. The trail was in a cloud, except a brief moment at the end when it cleared just enough to see the view for a few minutes. There was hoarfrost on the ground, and the grasses looked like they'd been covered in ice. It was pretty miserable. I packed for cold, but not for wind. We went back to the B&B, changed, and went downtown to see the sights (and eat food). We planned to go to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, but we got sidetracked by a crepes shop. Then we walked up Haywood, stopped in Malaprop's, and eventually made it to the chocolate lounge, after which we went to the Grove Arcade, then back into town a bit. Ben's parents went to Sante (a wine bar and used book shop) while we went to the Chocolate Fetish (and where Beth dropped off our free Biltmore tickets). We were heading to meet them and got sidetracked by a game shop which had just reopened after renovation. We picked up Trans Europa (a game about building railroads) for half price: $15. Dinner was at Laughing Seed. Their vegan sloppy joe is amazing, and the red cabbage sauerkraut is pretty good, too.

Sunday was the Biltmore. We toured the house, walked through the gardens, saw the smithy and woodworking shop, and this time we went to the winery. Ben & I aren't wine drinkers, but his parents are. Then we went to dinner with Beth at Tupelo Honey (and didn't get seated until after 8 because the 6-person tables were filled with people who just kept hanging out after they finished eating; so they sat us at two neighboring 3-person tables instead). Peach-ginger cornbread ftw. I ordered a side veggie combo with sweet potato fries, tofu, and the cornbread, all of which was awesome. (I was tempted by a tuna dish, but I had my monthly-ish tuna on Friday.)

Monday we drove back, and [personal profile] ranyart and [personal profile] picklish went out to the Wooden Nickel with me, Ben, and his brother. His brother can't come into our house because he's highly allergic to cats, so he stayed at a nearby hotel. The other 4 of us hung out and talked. It didn't feel like I hadn't seen them in a year since they moved to California; it felt like any of the dozens of nights we all just hung out at our house and talked (sometimes with alcohol, sometimes not). They'd planned to stay here Saturday after the beer festival as well, and they're probably coming Friday night because their other plans may be falling through. So we get to see them a lot, which is awesome.

Now I'm trying to get back into my usual routine, and it's hard. I finished building the 00 Raiser yesterday afternoon, so I don't have that distraction. I need to schedule a couple appointments today and call in Claire's refill. I need to finish revisions on The Novel, though I haven't figured out how to change the things I need to fix yet. Joy.
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I paint them, though I don't use the colors specified on the instructions exactly. I mix the paints I have and get close enough. Right now I'm building the 00 Raiser. I finished the Raiser part of it, but I haven't started the 00 part yet. It's pretty warm upstairs, still, so I prefer to work up there in the mornings, but I've got something to do every morning this week. Hopefully I can get some more of it done before we go to Asheville.

I found a larger stack of kits than I thought I had, including a duplicate. I might just sell the Seed/Destiny ones. I'd intended to build the Blaze Zaku Phantom and paint it Dearka-custom, but I never got around to it, and now I have a ton of 00 kits to build. I might build Graham's Flag next, because I don't have the right greens for the Dynames. (I may sell the duplicate, or I may decide to paint it battle-damaged.)

And right now I'm avoiding writing a one-page synopsis.
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Guess what game came out yesterday. Guess what I'm spending many hours on.

Day 12 - Favorite scene

That's really hard to pick! Um. Anything with Karen Joshua being awesome on the 08th MS Team.

Day 13 - Cosplay of your favorite Gundam character

Why is there only bad cosplay out there?

Day 14 - Current (or most recent) Gundam wallpaper

I have a few I got at animepapers, but my current wallpaper is Hertha BSC.
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Day 11 - Favorite Gundam series

Uh, I liked 00 a good bit, and G is awesome and ridiculous (and very serious at times).
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Day 10 - Favorite OVA

The 08th Mobile Suit Team is an OVA, right? I just finished watching it with Ben, and I remember why I liked it so much. Even if Ginias' motivations are tropey as hell, and Shiro's kind of a dork (and Aina gets all gooey-stereotype-girly after Reunion). It's a tight 11-episode series (episode 12 isn't that great, and it's sort of an epilogue, anyway) about how war sucks and is stupid and the "good guys" are as big assholes as the "bad guys."

Also, the closing credits are spectacular.

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Day 9 - Saddest Gundam scene

The ones where my favorite characters die? Or the entirety of Victory (by reputation, anyway).

(Cheating, maybe. I'm in a hurry.)
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Day 8 - Most epic scene ever

This is kind of cheating, but Puru's ending in Gundam Musou 1 is EPIC. I wish that had subs in English on it. In G Gundam-relatedness, Fuun Saiki (the HORSE) piloting the mech.

Other than that... this one is epic in its terrifyingness. (0083; The Nightmare of Solomon)
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Day 7 - Favorite Gundam

I assume this means the mech, since there's a favorite series later on.

You think I'd say RX-78GP02A Physalis, but you'd be wrong. It's unwieldy and kind of slow.

The first Gundam I dug liek whoa was the XXXG-01D2 Deathscythe Hell and the Custom version of it (which I built a model or two of). I still have a soft spot for the Wing mechs, including Epyon (which I hate in Musou 1; it has no range!)

GAT-X303 Aegis is a successor to Epyon, and I have a kit of it upstairs I think.

For cool names, though, GFAS-X1 Destroy and GAT-X252 Forbidden get my vote.
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Day 6 - Most annoying Gundam character

How to narrow this one down? Amuro's a whiny little shit, Shinn's a whiny little shit who thinks he's a badass, I want to kick Scirocco in the nuts (and the only Z I've seen is from Gundam Musou), Kiki in the 08th MS Team is an irritating shit, Monsha is a lecherous ass. Who am I missing?

I can't choose just one!
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Day 5 - Gundam character you relate to

Yzak Joule (Destiny era), I suppose. Anger management issues, wants to be in charge, hates lazy people.

Or Sumeragi Lee Noriega, who has a serious case of imposter syndrome.
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Day 4 - Gundam series you disliked

I haven't seen all of the UC continuity yet, but I hear ZZ is ridiculous and Victory isn't worth it. So, hm. The second half of Seed Destiny was pretty crap.
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Day 3 - Favorite Gundam character

Anavel Gato*, the Nightmare of Solomon. He's the extremely idealistic antagonist in 0083 Stardust Memory, whose devotion to the Zeon cause is terrifying. (He just wants the Spacenoids to be free from the oppressive Earth Federation...) He's also a terrifying badass who actually gets done what he set out to do with a minimum of emo whining and angst: the complete opposite of pretty much every Gundam protagonist or antagonist ever. (There's one scene, right before the start of Operation Stardust, where he's sitting in the window with his hair loose around his face and thinking about the ghosts of his comrades in the Solomon Sea.)

He steals the RX-78GP02A Physalis (prototype), the Gundam designed by the Feddies to launch a NUCLEAR WARHEAD (which is against the treaty they signed, of course), which is huge and slow and has ridiculous armor, and he still kicks Uraki's ass. Terrifying, competent badass.

*spoiler alert for the entire plot of 0083 and what Operation Stardust is all about

Also in contention: Lockon Stratos (S1), Yzak Joule, Sumeragi Lee Noriega
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It's a Gundam!

Day 1 - Very first Gundam series you watched
Day 2 - How you discovered Gundam

These go together. Back in early 2000, Cartoon Network showed Gundam Wing. Pretty boys with angst and giant robots and politics (and that's when I first heard about BL, too).

Some of the rest will be hard to answer. Number 3? Easy as pie.

upcoming questions )
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So, for reasons that are completely inexplicable, Anavel Gato, the Nightmare of Solomon, is my favorite Gundam character of all time.

Seriously, I can't explain it. [livejournal.com profile] kurai_seraphim had an idea that made sense, but I forget, because he said it when I was kinda drunk.

Being kinda drunk is where the terrible/awesome cosplay idea came about, too. I don't have a figure that lends itself to cosplaying a male character. Even with ace bandages and sports bras, my boobs are kind of too big for that, and I have Hips. I've always wanted to make a Zeon* uniform for cosplay (seriously, how ridiculous/awesome are they?)

I also have this ...interest verging on obsession with late 19th/early 20th century military uniforms. Like these. So the ridiculous Char-clone from Unicorn, whose name is, I shit you not, Full Frontal, has this ridiculous uniform that's pretty well based on the Hussars (and his not-Sazabi is blinged out to match, seriously. Now, with a bit of customization and some time, I could take a pattern I already own and go from there (though this one would be closer).

But that's all a pain in the ass, and, really, I can't cosplay someone whose name makes me laugh myself silly. And he's still not Gato. So, I decided I should just cosplay Gato anyway. Then, I forget how, exactly (see above: multiple beers), I decided I should just do Annabelle Gato. The katakana would be the same! (アナベル) And, as William pointed out, the only way a woman could be a pilot in UC Gundam (until Zeta, anyway), would be to go all Dernhelm.

Which would make the love triangle in Stardust Memory a LOT more interesting, really.

*Yes, Zeon kind of are space N*zis. They drop space colonies on Australia and nuke Earth from orbit and promote the doctrine of Newtype (an evolved human because of the pressures of living in space) superiority and want to be separate from Earth Federation rule. (Of course, by Zeta, the Feddies are a bunch of assholes.) Also, Japanese not-German makes me twitch.

Interestingly, and perhaps problematically, one of the oldest transliterations of ジーオン was Zion in some fan circles. Fred Schodt standardized it to Zeon, after consultation with Tomino, in his novel translations.
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Good god, there are a ton of characters. And at least 5 armed factions so far, one of which is (of course) fighting to make peace. To convince the world that fighting is wrong.

The first episode did NOT contain a Gundam-jack. That's just not right.

I'm just wondering which of the Gundam Meisters (lololoololol) will get stuck on the desert island with the Newtype chick. Just going by form, it'll be ShinnSetsuna.

The Charchetype is also covered, only sans mask and mysterious tragic past. We've had a "Newtype Reaction" already. One of the Meisters has a Haro-D2 unit.

The 4 Gundams are 1) generic/sword, 2) sniper/buster, 3) jet plane/speed, & 4) overkill. The pilots are Shinn, some unholy offspring of Duo & Dearka, MPD Newtype boy, and Mr Crabby Pants who Hates Earth.

Episode 6 already has a new model kit.

So far, I'm not as attached to the characters as I could be, the plot is like a cross between UC/Seed (Newtypes via genetic engineering) and Wing (Gundam sentai, wacky pacifist idealists), and the overabundance of characters is overwhelming, though I think I'm starting to get a handle on them. The wikipedia article was helpful for the first episode. But it's a Gundam series: giant robots, outer space, vaguely dystopic yet optimistic while being realistic future, probable political machinations, and more double-crossing than you can keep track of. I'm in it for the giant robots, and I'm hoping the characters start to be compelling.

It's hard not to laugh, though, when they've got names like Lockon Stratos and Allelujah Haptism. They're probably code/fake/assumed names. I hope. (I know at least 2 of them are, from wiki.)

Considering the character archetypes I usually like, there's the blond Union guy & his buddy Billy the engineer and Lockon (I know...) It doesn't hurt that I identified at least 3 slash pairings in episode 1.


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