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This year I went in with a crazy new plan: not tasting any beer I already know I like. I have to save up, right? There's only so much beer a gal can drink.

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Is that possible?

Anyway, last night I went out to the Flying Saucer in Raleigh with friends for a belated birthday shindig/shenanigans thing. One of my friends who I haven't seen in ages couldn't make it to my party, because she was out of town, so I organized a get-together.

I got all dressed up and everything. Wore my new Vogs with the 3" heels and didn't break anything.

Beer #1: Shotgun Betty, Lone Rider Brewing, Raleigh. 6% ABV. I've had this in bottles and from a growler, but they had it ON TAP! so I had to get it. Still awesome. It's got a nice clove finish.

Beer #2: Maredsous 10 (tripel), Duvel Moortgat. 10% ABV. I generally enjoy tripels, and Maredsous is no exception.

Enne said they'd split a Malheur 12 with me (it came in a 26-oz bottle), so after the first 2 beers were worn off a bit, we ordered one.

Beer #3: Malheur 12 (quadrupel), 12% ABV. I'd heard good things about this beer via the internet, and good god DAMN. It may be the best beer I've ever had. It's smooth, sweet, fruity, has a good body and a beautiful wine color. If it weren't 12% ABV, I'd probably drink it ALL THE TIME.

Oh, and because it bothered me, I looked up what 'quadrupel' actually meant. It's quadruple fermented, which means sugar is added 4 times (to feed the yeast and get them to produce more alcohol.) Dubbel = double fermented, tripel = triple fermented. That makes sense.

Also, I found this convenient guide to beer styles in the process.
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As is traditional, I'm compiling a list of the beers I tried and what I thought of them, if I remember. The problem with beer sampling is that it's still kinda alcoholic. ;) This year, the program book helpfully included an alphabetical list of breweries and had listed the beers the brewers brought, with little boxes where you could mark down what you thought of them (1-5).

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I got this in a combo pack at Christmas with Hennepin and Chocolate Indulgence. I tried the Hennepin and didn't like it (too bitter).

Three Philosophers is a Belgian-style Quadrupel with 5% cherry lambic mixed in. It's 9.8% ABV.

It's a reddish-brown color when poured into a glass, with a pinkish-tan head. The taste is unusual: it's got some hints of spices to it, and a hint of the cherry lambic. I don't dislike it, but I can't decide whether I like it or not! I've still got one more glass in this 750-mL bottle to help me decide.
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Mothership Wit is a Belgian-style white beer, brewed with wheat and spices (typically orange peel, coriander, cloves, and/or cardamom.) It's also certified organic (USDA and Oregon Tilth.)

I bought it in a 22-oz bottle, for $3.50. Pretty good price, considering that my favorite Belgian white, Hoegaarden, costs about $10 for 6 11-oz bottles.

It's not as good as Hoegaarden, but it's got a similar flavor. Somewhat sharper, maybe? Possibly cardamom, which has that sharp, astringent flavor to it.

I would recommend this to people who like Hoegaarden but don't like its price tag.

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(I drank a lot of beer on vacation. I like beer. Speaking of which, if you also like beer, Beeradvocate.com is an awesome resource.)

This was called "Duvel Golden" on the menu, but according to my searching, it's regular old Duvel, which is another Belgian strong pale ale. It's got a different flavor than DT, fruitier and maybe slightly spiced.

It's a lot like Hoegaarden, if it were less yeasty and twice as alcoholic. Considering that I'd be content to drink Hoegaarden forever, that's saying a lot.

Also, I'm incredibly thankful to the folks at pop the cap for getting the 6% ABV law repealed. Thanks to their efforts, the variety of beer accessible to North Carolinians widened considerably.
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Delirium tremens (or DTs) is the medical term for the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. It's also the name of a 10% or so ABV Belgian strong pale ale by Brouwerij Huyghe. I've been wanting to try it for ages, but at $16.99/4 pack, it's daunting, so when I saw it on the menu at Blueberry Hill, I had to get it. (It was $6.50 for the 11.2 oz bottle. I can handle restaurant prices on that.)

It pours a nice pale amber, similar to a Hefeweizen, only less cloudy. The head dissipated rather quickly.

The taste was nice; slightly hoppy but not horribly bitter. I'd drink it again if given the chance, though it's more of a summery brew than winter. I'm finding it difficult to recall precisely the flavor of this beer, but that doesn't mean it's an unassuming, bland beer. It's kind of like if a white beer didn't have the spices in it and had twice the ABV. It doesn't have the yeasty sweetness of a Hefeweizen, either.

Nice, drinkable beer.
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Ben's folks bought a mixed 12-pack for a party, and this was left in their fridge. Being adventurous, I decided to try it. (If I didn't like it, Tom might!) The label described it as a dark, malty ale with chocolate flavors, so I figured I couldn't go too wrong with that.

I poured it into a glass with Charlie Brown characters on it (only non-wine glass I could find... WTH.) and found it to be quite black, almost stout-like in appearance, except with more head. The taste was also stout-like, with a nice malty chocolate aftertaste. It's only 5.6% ABV, so it doesn't pack too big a punch.

It's a pretty tasty brew, and if you like stouts or would like them better if they weren't quite as heavy, give this a try.
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It's a 10% ABV from Belgium by Brouwerij Huyghe, who also make Delirium Tremens. According to the Beer Advocate page, it's a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. I did not have an example of this at my beer tasting party this spring (though I did have a strong pale ale (Lucifer).)

It's got a nice flavor to it - spices of some sort (cinnamon? cardamom?), maybe some caramel sweetness. It's also damn deceptive. You're drinking along, minding your own business, when BAM! A buzz comes over you. Ben said, "As beers go, this is pretty good." (Which from him is a ringing endorsement, since he hates beer.)

People at Beer Advocate recommend Delirium Nocturnum as an alternative. I'd like to try Delirium Tremens (another SPA), but it's currently $15.99/4 pack at Weaver St. (If anybody local wants to split one...) DT gets a lot of glowing reviews at BA, and I'd really like to try it. Stupid crappy exchange rate.

Another SDA I enjoyed was N'ice Chouffe, another seasonal brew (whose bottle didn't have a label I could soak off. boo.)

I didn't like Trois Pistoles.

About 90 minutes later, I'm still feeling slightly happy. 10% ABV, you are my friend.
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I like beer. I'm not too keen on hoppy beers like Pilsners, and I generally avoid mass-market American swill like Bud. But I like a good beer on occasion. (Though I should increase the frequency of occasions.)

I tried the Duck-Rabbit milk stout a while back, and I rather enjoyed it. It's got a nice body to it, and it's very stout-y, without being too bitter or dark. (If you like Guinness, you'll like this. Trust me.) I saw a seasonal brew of the Russian Imperial at Weaver Street one morning, but thanks to our blue laws, I couldn't buy it, as it was about 1030 Sunday morning. The next time I was at WSM during hours in which one can buy fermented grain products, it had sold out. I was sad. But we were at the Hillsborough Wine Company a few weeks ago, and they had a six-pack of it. I bought a single.

The first mouthful was strong. I wasn't expecting quite that strong a taste. The aftertaste was a lot like the milk stout, though. Ben tried the second, and made a face. I told him he wouldn't like it. As I drank the bottle, the flavors mellowed. Whether that was because it has a 10% alcohol content is anybody's guess. It tasted like a stout, but moreso. According to wikipedia, the Imperial stout has strong malt flavour. I'd say this does, even moreso than the regular milk stout. The aftertaste is sort of burnt malty, or kind of like a chocolate malt except not sweet at all and missing any of the milk.

The alcohol content is quite high. I was buzzed about halfway through (I have so completely lost my tolerance. *sad*), and I'm still feeling pretty floaty half an hour after finishing it.

I liked it, though I'm not sure I would try it again. I probably would, though I like the milk stout better.


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