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The forecast has been calling for dire weather since about Monday. It's been raining since mid-afternoon, and it's getting closer and closer to freezing. The current forecast has it changing to sleet around midnight, then snow around 1.

Because this is Georgia, the highs Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be in the mid-30s, so stuff will melt, then when it gets down to 18 overnight, everything will freeze into a nice sheet of ice. Because this is Georgia, there aren't a lot of snow plows or brine trucks, so Monday morning is likely to be really interesting.

I'm freaking out less about the literature class, though I'm sure it's still going to be terrible. I'm also not entirely certain the professor understands how US university courses work, so that's going to be exciting.

I have created a side tumblr for collecting a corpus of posts for potential thesis purposes. There are currently 65 posts in its queue, in addition to the handful I posted before thinking about the fact that I had a lot of posts and didn't want to be banned for spamming. And I only went through the google doc I'd put together for my term paper and my likes, not my tags/reblogs. (That can wait.)

Tomorrow, since I can't actually leave the house or anything, though I might put on my rain boots and walk around the complex, I'm going to revise the abstract I'm submitting to a conference (due next Sunday).

I still don't feel like the semester is real, but I've only had 2 classes so far & TA'ed one. By next Friday, things should be better. I hope.
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