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I stopped eating the cereal I'd been having for several years because the quality control was really inconsistent AND I was tired of their OH NO GMO stuff on the packaging. I've been having baked oatmeal for a few weeks, and, while I enjoy it (pear & ginger is awesome), I'm always hungry. Even with the substitution of Greek yogurt for regular to get more protein. (I think it's the increase in carbs. Macronutrient balance is weird.)

So I'm poking around the internet for recipes for quick breakfast things that you can prepare in advance, put in the fridge, and reheat as needed, that revolve around eggs.

calorie talk this way )

So anyway, if any of you can recommend easy egg-based *vegetarian* cook-ahead recipes, link me. (I mean, if the recipe uses sausage, I can substitute, so it's no big deal, but an egg baked in a cup made of a slice of deli ham isn't going to work.)
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My mother is more excited about my sister's new baby (Clara Rose, born just before midnight last night) than about me getting a doctoral degree.

To be fair, she is also more excited about my sister's new baby than my sister's college degree or any of her achievements in theater.

Not that that makes it a whole lot better, really. It just makes it less about me and more about my mom only valuing baby baby baby.
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It's about how John Oliver's latest segment, on drug reps, basically assumes that everyone who takes drugs is duped by their doctors, who are duped by drug reps.

You can read it here.

La la la

6 Feb 2015 02:30 pm
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I went to the doctor yesterday for these weird pink bumps on my toes that hurt and itch sometimes. Chilblains. Caused by excessive vasoconstriction in the capillaries at the extremities. Not much you can do about it other than wear multiple pairs of socks and wait for the weather to get warmer. Can be related to Raynaud's, which I've suspected I have for a while now.

Since I've been feeling a bit off and have had more migraines recently, I brought that up, as well as this feeling of swelling on the front of my neck. She said if it's still bothering me next week, I should call & she'll refer me for an ultrasound. She also had me give some blood for a thyroid test, since my last one was 10 months ago.

(I haven't been feeling up for exercising, which I don't like. I like exercising. I felt too fatigued this morning to do my lifting, and I wasn't happy.)

I've got 3 stories on submission (20, 7, and 1 days) right now, and a fourth I intend to get out soon, once I remember where the next place I wanted to send it was. (I also want to give it a read-over in a few days to see if the revisions I just made work or are clunky.)

I finished the last exam in my certificate course, which means I should be getting my certificate in the next month or so. I don't know if I need to do anything else, like say "hi, I finished everything, do I need to do anything else?" I read the syllabus-like thing, and it didn't really help.

I've almost finished reading this book about Berlin 1961, and, somewhat annoyingly, it's given me ideas that would make my novel better but require more extensive rewriting than I did during NaNo. -_- But now that I've finished the course, I can spend several hours every day reworking it. (And I also have a white board where I can make notes and outline things that happen off screen.)

This weekend should involve hanging out with people I haven't seen in entirely too long, games, pizza, beer, and cupcakes, so I'm pretty excited about that. (There was a red velvet cupcake mix at the store, which I couldn't pass up. It included a frosting packet! Not that cream cheese frosting is particularly difficult, mind you.)

I think for my next baking trick I'm going to make chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate M&Ms instead. Though I might hunt down an oatmeal chip recipe for that for texture purposes...

Um, still teaching & planning to apply to grad school, which means I need to revise the paper I wrote in Marburg and contact people about writing LORs and prepare for the GRE ugh.
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I got your calendar yesterday. It's gorgeous. Thank you so much!
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After 3.5 months. I was among the final round of rejections, because people started reporting acceptances immediately afterward. Which is kind of bittersweet. They said I should send it to their regular magazine, which is a token market. I'll do that, if I can't sell it for more money elsewhere.

So it's back out, currently at the Queers Destroy SF issue of Lightspeed (because it's a different editorial team, and they said they'd read stories LS already rejected). After that, there's one more pro market left.

So if anyone knows about a market that wants a political story about disability and class starring a bisexual dock worker in space, let me know.


15 Jan 2015 01:37 pm
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I started teaching a German 2 class. The school requires 3 students to start a class. I had 3 students (1 continuing from German 1, two new). This week, the continuing student dropped out. One of the new students is moving to Germany in April. There are not enough students to continue on to German 3. So my 2-hour a week job will go to 0 hours in the beginning of March. *sigh*

Makes me feel less guilty about planning to apply to grad school, though.

I got a nice personal rejection on the castle story, which I revised a bit and planned to send in to F&SF during the guest editor issue, but I finally got my VP application story back from an editor who will remain nameless--after 14 months. So I re-read it, tweaked a couple things, and sent it in.

I am waiting on tenterhooks for a response from an anthology I sent another story to. From talk on Codex, the editors are making their final decisions. I don't want to get my hopes up, because I'm pretty much out of pro markets for this story :/ but the submission call was like they wrote it for my story. So. *barfs nervously*

Planning for Shatterdome Atlanta 2015 continues apace. We have a guest. We're discussing other potential guest ideas. We need folks to buy badges!
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My mom's family has a get-together every year around Christmas. This time it was combined with a baby shower for my sister, who's due in February.

Ben and I drove up on Friday and stayed with my aunt and uncle who were hosting the party. They were having friends over that night, so we hung out with their friends and drank fancy tequila and played pinball. This one was my favorite.

Saturday we went out to play Ingress a bit (get some unique hacks, at any rate, and captured a couple). It was a lovely nostalgic walk from the house I lived in from ages 10-16 to downtown. We walked past the creek I played in, the covered bridge, my high school, even my elementary school. My home town has a lot more fancy stuff than it used to, more ethnic restaurants and even an Islamic center, but I couldn't live there again, ever.

Mom came to her brother's house that afternoon, and I showed her pictures from Berlin, then we ate dinner and sat around talking a while, playing more pinball and Scattergories. And drinking. (Except mom, she doesn't drink.) Mom got kinda mad when I was doing well, "She's thinking outside the box!" Um, that's kind of how you win at Scattergories...

(She wouldn't accept Slavic Studies as a college major starting with S (because she'd never heard of it), but she didn't protest Proto-Indo-European as a language starting with P. It was the first one that popped into my head, I swear.)

My sister's shower was more about mom than my sister. She's wanted a grandchild since I got married almost 15 years ago, and now my sister is finally doing her duty as a grandchild dispenser. There were a loooot of presents, and mom made my aunt make cupcakes and set up more snacks downstairs where the shower was (which nobody ate because there was ample food from the potluck...) and there were games (which my sister hadn't even wanted really). My sister looked uncomfortable at the quantity of presents.

My sister liked the blanket I crocheted her, so I'm happy with that. Grandma made the baby a quilt. A bunch of people chipped in to get some sort of cloth diaper system (apparently they're "systems" now), which was about 10 packages.

There was a lot of gender normativity flying around, plus all the squeeing over baby booties (I don't get it). Stuff with adorable baby animals on, OK. She got a onesie with a penguin or something, which is pretty cute. But booties? idgi.

After everyone left, we helped clean up then watched a bunch of HGTV shows (which mostly made me want to punch the people buying the houses).

My uncle turned his grandfather's home movies into DVDs (by aiming a digital camera at the screen while running the projector), so we watched some of that (this was before the party). One of them was the European vacation he took around the time my grandpa's brother was stationed in Germany again (according to grandpa, this was around 1975 because Jack left in 76.) My uncle didn't know where all he went, and there aren't really labels or anything, so we're watching and trying to guess where they are. Switzerland because of a flag, then the Alps, then some more stuff, and then there's the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche. So I told him I needed a copy of it, and he said he'd make me one.

He also told me that his grandfather/my great-grandfather went back to Germany in the late 30s to visit family and was detained on his way out, for reasons that are unclear. One of his relatives (a cousin, possibly) smoothed things over and got him released. He was apparently an officer in the SS. (This isn't terribly surprising.)
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I wrote a post about emotional performativity on tumblr, inspired by interactions with Ben's parents this weekend.
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Tattoo idea: "It's never too late while you're breathing." In either a cursive font or a book-type font. It's a quote from somewhere in the Vorkosigan series (I forget where, though it was quite likely Cordelia who said it to Miles), and it's been rather motivational for me the last few years.

I don't know where I'd put it, though. I still want to get a phoenix on my left forearm. I also want to get crossed German and Hertha flags on my right ankle. (There's a dragon on my left ankle.)

Thoughts? I need to sleep now. Getting up by 7:30 to finish packing, check out of the hotel and leave for an 11:10 train. More on World Fantasy later (on my Real Blog; I will link.)


2 Oct 2014 04:45 pm
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Apparently the HS student who I was supposed to be teaching canceled, possibly permanently, while his mother shops around for a teacher. Never mind that they said they were looking for someone who would be able to teach him the next two years and wanted consistency. If I named the town they live in, any local would say, "Oh, of course." Well, private lesson 1 was interested in meeting twice a week, so we could do that instead.

I've finished reading the material for the second to last module in my certificate course. Since I'm traveling next weekend, I won't be starting the exam until after I get back, which gives me more time to make lesson plans for my classes that are actually meeting as well. I also am missing a DVD for the other module I need to do, and I hope it arrives soon.

I submitted a story to an anthology. I'm still waiting to hear back on a piece I sent to an editor last November. The slush reader said he's looking into it. (It's in the editor's inbox, somewhere. You have to ask him about it.) So I have three stories out right now.

If all works out, and I can get this nonfiction book read in time, I might try to get a reasonable first draft of ACARP together. (It still needs a title; I do not like naming things, I am bad at it; I don't understand how people name their cars and houses and stuffed animals and things.) I was planning to do that after I finish the certificate, so we'll see.

Also, convention planning continues apace.
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Thanks, everyone, for your input on the blanket situation! My mom says I can go ahead and pick something out, because blankets are always needed. She can send me a pattern she used for my cousin's baby if I want. I'm going to hit Joann's tomorrow and take coupons.

I had my first German class today. I don't have a book to give the student yet, but a teaching copy arrived, so that'll help me anyway. He asked about meeting twice a week, and I was like um. Because I start a regular class in early October, and there's also a high school student who's going to be taking private classes (possibly for TWO YEARS). So with all that and finishing the certification, I don't really have time. But once I finish the certificate, maybe. He's really motivated, at least. I pointed him at Duolingo for practice, since it's popular and has both web and mobile versions, but the early exercises are beyond the "Hello my name is" we did today.
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I got another rejection on a story. This makes 0 for 7, but the second personal rejection. With feedback that would really have been useful before I exhausted all the pro SF markets. *sigh*

I revised the castle story and sent it out to another anthology. I think it fits the criteria marvelously, but I have no idea what the editor will think.

I not only have a German 1 class starting in October, but I also have a private lesson starting Monday. And no textbook (it's on order and hasn't arrived yet).

I made an appointment with my GP tomorrow morning to talk about my knee grinding when I go down stairs and the persistent tingling. (Sciatica? Something else?) I don't know whether I need to go to an orthopedist or if going back to PT will help. The PT I saw was fairly dismissive of my statements that my right hip didn't move as well as my left. ("Your left hip is just really loose, and you're comparing the two." Yes, I do have loose joints, but that doesn't preclude my right hip from having a problem.) So IDK, if I get a dispensation from an orthopod, maybe the PT will listen. Or a different PT.

I don't want to give up running, because I like it. I don't have money to join a gym (and the Y is more expensive than the gym ffs, fucking Chapel Hill), and my elliptical makes a distressing metallic grinding sound when I use it. I'd take up swimming, but the gym is too expensive. Unless I want to drive 20+ minutes each way to use a pool. (Spoiler: I don't.)

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My sister is pregnant. I want to crochet her (baby) a blanket.

I emailed my mom to ask if that's something she'd like, and mom replies that I should email sis a picture of the pattern and let her decide if she wants it and pick a color.

Isn't that the opposite of a gift? I'd planned to go to the store and pick out a pattern from a book and some yarn, or get yarn that has a pattern on the label. I want to make something very neutral gendered: no pink or blue, no patterns (hearts or flowers). I saw a book of afghan crochet (the kind of crochet that's like single-hook knitting) baby blankets, and I liked one of the patterns in it.

Honestly, now I don't even want to bother.

Anyway, internets, am I wrong for being upset that I should let a gift be dictated?
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Aside from being verbally assaulted upon getting into the car, Dragon Con was great.

We got down Thursday, I got my voucher to reserve my room for next year, getting our badges took about 2 minutes, and we met Laura A for dinner at Truva. One not-so-shiny thing: We were unpacking our stuff, and Ben goes, "...Where is our bag of shoes?" In our bedroom, of course. So we ended up getting a ride out to a store to buy new Doc Martens Friday morning.

Friday I went to the Science of Pacific Rim panel (which was standing room only) and handed out Shatterdome ATL fliers to people as they left. Then food and back to our room to get into costumes for the meetup. The meetup went well.

As we were heading back to our room, there were some costume malfunctions, so we re-hot-glued everything. We will possibly take off all the straps and contact-cement them down for future versions, or I'll find a hi-temp hot glue gun.

Saturday we went to the dealers room during the parade (best idea). We didn't pick up much, just some posters and a couple Gundam model kits. After lunch, we got back into our costumes and went to the Marriott to stand around and look pretty.

Sunday I went to the Late Show and stayed for the Evanna Lynch & Scarlett Byrne panel. Evanna is seriously Luna Lovegood in reality, it is adorable. Then I read as part of Broad Universe, then tried to promote the Helsinki in 2017 WorldCon bid. Having to explain what WorldCon is makes it kinda hard to get interest. I dropped off some candy and badge ribbons at the SFWA table before trekking to the Westin for a panel that ended up being mostly about Angel rather than Agents of SHIELD.

As is traditional, we got takeout (sushi this time) and drank heavily while watching the Masquerade on DCTV in our room.

Monday we headed out a bit after noon. Ben and I went through the comic artist alley briefly first. Since Asshole was driving and making it difficult to have a conversation with the front seat passenger over the road noise and music, Ben and I spent a couple hours talking Shatterdome stuff (mostly things I need to do but like bouncing off other people first).

We got home just as our catsitter was leaving.
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I don't know his actual last name, but Dennis Tengu attacked me before we left for Dragon Con on Thursday.

When Dennis and [a friend] arrived at my house, and Ben and I loaded the car, Dennis threw my luggage at me then proceeded to unleash a torrent of vitriol and swearing at me for no reason. He refused to say why he did that when I asked for an explanation. I had no idea why, and I said it wasn't like I'd even seen him in five years to give some sort of offense. He responded, "There's a reason for that." (I only ever saw him at COUP-related events, and I stopped going about 5 years ago.)

When we stopped at a rest area, he apparently told Ben (when Ben told him that his torrent of vitriol was completely uncalled for) that he did it to preemptively win the argument over who got to sit in the front seat. (Never mind that I get motion sick.) I can't remember what [friend] said he told her, but it was a little different than what he told Ben. (Possibly that he didn't want me to talk to him at all.)

Both Ben and [friend] told him that his actions were uncalled for. He showed no remorse and refuses to apologize or even say a word to me.

Dennis apparently does not consider me a human being who is worthy of respectful treatment. He is a sick, vile person; he has sociopathic tendencies. His actions fit an abuser's profile: he knows how to act around people who he wants to see him in a positive light, so that when he is horrific to someone, they don't believe that person or they defend him. They call it "drama" to stick up for you and make sure his actions have consequences [ie LOSING FRIENDS].
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I got email about a job interview yesterday from a place I sent an application in February and had pretty much given up on. It's part time (probably only 3 hours a week), but it's teaching German, which I need to gain EXP in, so whatever. Also that's about the right amount of time for me, with everything else I'm doing. So it won't, like, be a huge source of money at all, but it might keep us in beer.

The costumes for DragonCon continue apace. We will be spending much of the weekend attaching hardware and straps (I hope; I'd like to get the bulk of the build done this weekend so we aren't up really late finishing Monday & Tuesday.)
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We had to put Mylene to sleep on Tuesday. The vet wasn't sure what it actually was, but it wasn't lymphoma. The cytology had histiocytes in it, which made her think it was a histiocytic sarcoma, which isn't treatable at all in cats. There was nothing we could to to make her better, so we had to make her comfortable.

She'll always be my sweet little foxy-faced girl who made the most adorable sound when you touched her if she was asleep.

Some pictures and my favorite picture.


15 Aug 2014 10:57 am
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Monday Mylene was limping, and it wasn't better Tuesday morning, so I took her to the vet. They thought it was arthritis and tendinitis, gave us tramadol and Dasuquin. Tuesday evening we gave her a second dose of tramadol, and she responded poorly. Like, trip to the closest vet hospital poorly.

So we go to the vet hospital in Durham at 9 pm, get her on fluids and oxygen. They take some blood. Her hematocrit is 14%; she needs a transfusion. They keep her overnight, and the radiologist & oncologist will look at her in the morning.

This time it's definitely lymphoma. As opposed to March, when the vet school said it was IBS.

She's doing fairly well at the moment, though she doesn't want to eat much. I offer her food every couple hours, and sometimes she eats, sometimes she doesn't.

We need to decide whether to take the aggressive, most expensive 20-week treatment option that could give us another 6-9 months or the less aggressive, less expensive 15-week treatment option that would give us 4-6 months.

In the meantime, I'm considering making and selling to order laptop, tablet, e-reader, and phone sleeves to get some funding for it (so we don't have to keep digging into savings). I have a stash of Amy Butler fabrics (3x2+ yards) that are nifty (and I think out of print), which I could probably get a decent amount out of. Plus some remnants. Any of that has to wait until after Dragon Con, though. Too busy trying to finish my armor.
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This week I:

- signed a contract for Shatterdome ATL
- typed up all but one of the answers for the exam I have due on Tuesday
- did a lot more con-related stuff
- wrote unpleasant con-related emails

And that pretty much ate all my hours between 9 and 5.

Other things I did:
- ordered stuff for our costumes for DragonCon
- revised & submitted a story

Thing I am proud of that I did:
- ran (jogged) a full mile at just over 12:30 min/mi. (I only slowed to a walk briefly to check my pace and see that, indeed, I was running faster than I thought and no wonder I was so wiped already.) This regular running thing is improving my stamina, yay.

Fun thing:
- A bottle of Special Effects Purple Smoke arrived at my house, and I just need to get some bleach.
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I get the feeling I will never sell a fucking short story.
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With the DashCon fiasco fresh in people's minds, I made a tumblr post on what you need to think about before you decide to run a convention.

Some of it I learned the hard way, but I didn't tell them that.
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So, Ben and I are planning to do drive suits for the Kaidonovskys for DragonCon.

DragonCon is in 42 days. Neither of us has ever built armor before. We've looked at a few tutorials online and talked to a local guy (who is sweet but kinda flaky) who has a lot of experience with it. He's supposed to help us out, but god knows.

Here's what we need to do (in approximate timeline order):

- acquire (more?) blue masking tape and possibly more duct tape.
- draft all (remaining) pattern pieces (8-10 hours, July 19-20)
- figure out what we're going to use for the suits they wear under the armor (underarmour or other sport leggings/tops? look for Russian surplus at Sid's?) (by July 26)
- order Ben's wig and restyle mine; style Ben's wig when it arrives (find card with which wig to order written on it; it's on my desk)
- get hardware (1/8" jacks, bolts, etc) from Radio Shack and/or Home Depot (July 26-27)
- get a dremel and a good box fan, oh and probably a workbench would be useful
- get contact cement & paint & Bondo
- cut, glue, mold, & paint foam (August 1-23, at least 60 hours; this will probably involve some weeknight work.)


2 Jul 2014 01:00 pm
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Been home a few days now, but there's been football and unpacking and homework and this fucking cold. I never really posted much after the first couple days in Berlin, so I'll give a précis for the rest of it. The weather was variably terrible and bad, with a brief foray into pleasant followed by an immediate return of terrible.

June 20 )

June 21 )

June 22 )

June 23 )

June 24 )

June 25 )

June 26 )

June 27 )

June 28 )

I dumped my pictures into dropbox. This link might work; I can't tell because I'm logged in.

Ben posted a bunch of photos on tumblr, and he collected them here. He had a photo pass for Sanssouci, so he got inside pictures, whereas I just got outside ones.

I feel really comfortable in Berlin. I can't get Ben to do much more than say "yeah, it could be fun" when I discuss moving. But that's an entirely different blog post, and this one's taken me an hour to write already.

In Berlin

19 Jun 2014 08:09 pm
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Our flight was entirely uneventful, and we spent yesterday shopping (groceries, looking at sport jerseys) and resting. Thanks to the early flight departure time (we were awakened for breakfast at the time we usually go to bed), we were super exhausted, so we took a nap in the middle of the afternoon. Then we hung out with [personal profile] kriski and [personal profile] dirtyzucchini until it was time to collapse in exhaustion.

Today Ben and I wandered around the Hauptbahnhof until we found the Hertha fan shop, where I bought a scarf (ARGYLE!), a pin, and an old t-shirt (5€!). Then there was something going on at the platz outside, which turned out to be something to do with volleyball. After that, we were going to take the train down to the area near our hotel to get intel on the surroundings, but I wanted to get out at Hackescher Markt and walk, since that's at the top of the Museum Island and our hotel is just at the bottom. We discovered a market going on, with some handmade stuff for sale (and food), but the only thing we got was orange juice. (Fresh pressed, yum)

Thanks to the construction zone for the castle reconstruction, the plan to just walk down the center of the island didn't work, but we eventually made it. We found a few restaurants and cafes in the area, so getting breakfast won't be too bad for people who eat bread products. (Ben's brother is mildly allergic to gluten, so he only eats a minimal amount of them. Yes, it's a documented IgE response. Skin test.)

After that we took the train toward the Zoo, but I said Oh right, I wanted to stop at the Anhalter Bahnhof, so we got off the train early and walked around there some, then got back on the train to the zoo. We went there because there's a Karstadt (a German department store) Sport there, and they sell the jerseys cheaper. So I got a jersey with Klose on it for 75€ instead of €90+ (I even got a women's jersey, which I've never seen for sale in the US.)

Then we got mango lemonade because we were really thirsty, then we went to meet Kriski and Dirtyzucchini for a street food fair in Kreuzberg. I got empanadas yuuuum, and an ice cream sandwich (with cookies). Then we came home.

I walked 13000 steps today, according to my phone. Up next: internet, then sleeeeeep. Tomorrow we need to leave at 8:15 to meet Ben's parents at the airport.
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In 24 hours, if there are no airline/airport shenanigans, I will be flying from JFK to Amsterdam.

My travel day starts earlier, of course, since we have to get from here to JFK, which flight leaves at noon, so we have to be at the airport around 10 (international travel). We have rides to and from the airport, yay.

It was requested to bring Reese's Cups for our hostesses, so we picked up some king-size (4 cups) packs at Target. When we checked out, the cashier said she wanted to party with us (because a stack of Reese's Cups.) We also got peanut butter M&Ms. (And Goldfish crackers for traveling, and protein bars, and a bathing suit that fits, and some t-shirts for Ben...)

Today I walked to the credit union to make sure my debit card wasn't going to be frozen if I used it over there. Apparently the note someone left when Ben dropped by never made it into the system. So now the card should be OK to use without being flagged for theft. I left around 8:15, and it was already super disgusting out. I was sweaty before I was even to the corner. Ugh. Summer in North Carolina is appalling.

Still a bit nervous about Luna, but D & R said they could come over during the day (most days between the two of them), so if something happens, they can alert the cat sitter early.
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It's the first day of the World Cup, and I am perpetually without cable. Most of the matches will be on ESPN or ESPN2 (cable), but some will be on ABC. I guess I'll be befriending the folks at Italian Pizzeria III (super sketchy storefront, decent NY-style pizza) and/or Fitzgerald's (Irish pub) when I get back from Germany. Or doing what I usually do for the Bundesliga.

I leave for Berlin in 5 days. I have a packing list, and I'm working on a shopping list. I have most everything I need, but I'm almost out of protein bars (excellent airplane/travel snacks/emergency food), and my bathing suit doesn't fit anymore. (It never quite fit, but it was good enough. Not so much anymore.) But I hate buying bathing suits (because ones that fit my top are $75 wtf), and I'm not entirely sure I'd use it (while there are swimming areas in Berlin, I don't know if we'd have time to go to them, though our hotel has a sauna).

I'm worried that Luna will get sick while we're gone. The last 2 times we've been away, she's gotten stress-sick. So we started her on Prozac (which won't have built up enough to be effective before we leave), got a new Feliway plug-in, and have some xanax for her. We also have anti-nausea medication and antibiotics which theoretically will prevent diarrhea.

I really don't want to get a phone call from the cat sitter 3 days into an 11-day trip telling me the cat is sick as hell, you know? Argh. So we're doping her to the gills and hoping.
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After my experience with the convention I used to work with (that shall not be named), I was expecting to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the last week or two, then be constantly busy with doing stuff during the con.

Apparently, if you're not a micro-managing control freak, and you trust your department chiefs to a) be competent and b) get shit done, it's a lot easier.

My tech ops chair has 17 years of experience at Dragon Con. All I know about tech ops is that it's important and involves a/v and making sure things work right. At the post-con imbibing of scotch, there was a mutual "you're awesome!" "NO U!!" going on. My security chief has about 5 years of experience at Dragon Con, and she asked me something a few months ago about security, then made a team (from Dragon Con people).

I am really good at big-picture stuff, organization, timelines, to-do-lists, spreadsheets, and that sort of thing. I have a result that I want, and I'm not extremely fussed about the steps taken to get the result (as long as it doesn't result in shoddiness). I'm a compulsive planner, but I tend to get bored at the point of execution.

It's weird: I always thought I was kind of a control freak (or have been called that), but what it really is is that I like organizing things. A lot. (I'm an ESTJ.)


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